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Beach at Sunset

Private monthly
Spiritual Mentorship & Intuitive Life Coaching 

Your Higher Self is calling ... 

This time together is as completely unique to you, where you are in life, and what you are currently aiming for, or needing support in, however, these are the most popular areas that I work through ​with my clients, working with a mix of energy work, energetics, intuitive coaching, mentorship, healing and mindset work: 

Gaining clarity and Purpose in your life

Helping you step into your authenticity, Higher Self and full potential

Activating or developing your Soul gifts (psychic, intuitive and healing)

Learning how to trust and surrender, and live and enchanced life claiming the spiritual being that you are

 Mastering your energy, emotions, vibration and nervous system instead of them owning you

Connecting to your intuition and guides to start living an intuitive life 

Mastering your unique manifestation recipe

Upgrading your beliefs and mindset for the next chapter in your life

Receiving the tools, support and vibrational shifts to create huge life transformation

These are just some of the areas we can work on (or all of them) as well as having the support from myself, an intuitive, channel, coach, and energy healer during our time together 

This container can also be great if you are navigating life changes or shifts eg. career, relationships or at home, and you are craving spiritual, intuitive and energetic support as you go through that


This program is available as a monthly rolling option, however, this is dependent on what you would like to work on (as some things will of course require more time to see certain results). I have worked with clients for YEARS in this container because it has given them SO much expansion, support, and activation in every area of their life - relationships, purpose, work, family, home, health etc 


Every month includes 2 x my unique 1hr 45-minute sessions which include 1hr intuitive coaching/mentoring followed by my remote energy healings/activations and the receiving of guidance and messages from your Guides or Higher Self.

As well as the sessions you also will receive in between whatsapp support, and access to an exclusive portal with trainings, meditations and exercises!

The energy healings I deliver at the end of these sessions are a huge aspect of the vibrational transformations that happen with my clients.

These healings are powerful for integrating the session and expanding & healing your energetic, spiritual, physical, and emotional body!

I am forever in awe of what happens during these healings and no session is ever the same, however, the most common benefits of these sessions are:

Hugely increasing your frequency

Attuning you to your Higher Self

Connecting you to your own intuition and spirit guides (through the frequency increase and clear channel)

Activating your Soul gifts

Regulating your nervous System & emotions

Clearing stuck and blocked, stagnant energy

Clearing your energy field (this is fab for empaths)

As you can imagine, having a healing every couple of weeks, as well as learning how to master your own energy outside of our sessions, learning tools, practices and exercises for a more connected, magical, trusting and intuitive life .... really can create entire life transformation ... and I have seen it time and time again with my clients 

If you would like to find out more about the healings here click here 


Is this what your Soul is craving? 

If you know this is what you want and what your Soul is craving, please complete the form below to enquire (or send me a DM), and if you feel like a good fit - I will be in touch to arrange a call so we can connect and we can go from there. Together we can decide whether this commitment is right for you and your journey! ​

Starting at £400 per month

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