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Private 1:1 Mentorship & Coaching for the Female Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or Visionary

This is a journey for You, your Purpose, and your Business


This is my signature rolling monthly package* designed for those looking for transformation and expansion in their energy, their lives, and their Businesses!


Our time together will be fully catered to you, where you are, and what your vision is for your life and business.

This will be a time of big energetic and vibrational expansion, as well as simultaneously working on the tangible and strategic level of the business, and the mindset work that comes with upleveling yourself and your Business

In this space you will receive my unique blend of my intuition, my channel to your Guides and Higher Self, my Energy Healings, Activations, Experience, Coaching, AND my 8 years experience working with top International brands on brand development, operations, processes, systems, e-comm, and scaling, as well as my experience setting up two of my own businesses (and my experience helping others to do this too)
What we work on specifically will be intuitive and unique just as you are. What unlocks your next level internally and externally will be completely bespoke to you, but below are the main areas that I personally, as a Coach, Intuitive and Healer can help guide, support and hold you with:



Area's we will/can work on

Creating deep Soul alignment and authenticity in all areas of your business, from your offers, marketing, brand voice, and messaging

(P.S this is where major magnetism to your Soul aligned clients comes from)

Mastering your vibration, nervous system and emotions on a day-to-day basis, so you are magnetic no matter what is going on in your life

Attunement to your Higher Self both energetically and vibrationally, and with your thoughts, words and actions

Working deeply with your energy and energetics to discover and shift where you could be blocking your next level, expansion and embodying your true power

Developing and implementing the most expansive and aligned overall strategy and marketing strategy for you and your business

Activating and/or developing your Soul gifts (psychic, intuitive and healing) as either a tool in your business or for you personally

Developing your intuition and connection to your guides, to support you personally, and in your business

Creating the perfect offers and product suite for your business and your Soul

Embodying and fine-tuning your balance of masculine and feminine energy, so you can be magnetic, creative, and have ease and space in your life, as well as take consistent action, have structure where needed, and become the leader/entrepreneur you desire to be

Developing the best automation, processes and systems for your business, creating a business that is streamlined, minimalistic and works for you, your energy and your needs

Identifying and energetically upgrading and healing the beliefs that are holding you back from your Power

For your business to rise .... you have to rise first

Each month includes 2 x 2 hour sessions, in-between WhatsApp support from me, and access to the exclusive portal filled with 22+ training videos on business and energy, as well as meditations, practices and tools.

My unique sessions include 75-90 minute coaching/mentoring followed by a remote energy healing/activation and intuitive guidance from myself as well as my channel to your Guides. The clearing, activations, frequency upgrades and attunements that come from these healings and channeled messages are in my opinion the secret sauce in my client's incredible transformations in life and business.


Your energy has a direct impact on your business. Your energy and frequency affects your magnetism, your success, the opportunities that arise, your ideas, your creativity, your ability to take action (and consistently), your perception of yourself, the world, and your business, and of course your connection to your intuition. These healings as well as working on your own mastery of your energy and emotions during our time together is where I feel the biggest shifts in your life and business are birthed from. If you want to know more about the healings head here 

*The monthly rolling option is available to those who already have a business up and running. If you are looking to create your Business with my guidance I suggest a minimum of 5 months working together, or one of my Soul Business Academy bundles 


Who do I work with:

I am here for the woman that already feels & understands how important energy & alignment is in her business' success (and life)

 The woman who wants to build a successful business around her Purpose, her Soul's Mission and what she is here to do, whether that is a service-based solo endeavor or a future empire! It is all welcome!

That is ready to step up her spiritual connection, intuition and vibration, and wants to have what feels like a magical business (and life)

Who is ready to be accountable and step into her Highest Self and Soul's Mission

That feels intuitively drawn to me as a Coach/Healer and that there is a  mutual soul connection with (this is more important to me than the type of business you may have) 

Next steps 

If you are feeling called towards me and this work, please fill in the form with the button below, if I feel we could be a fit then I will get touch to arrange a call so we can connect and we can go from there. Together we can decide whether this  is right for you and your business (and depending on availability too)

Starting at £450 per month