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Unearth, Connect & Create

My signature 1:1 five-month transformational programme is for the solopreneur or entrepreneur wannabees out there. Those who want to unearth and discover the aligned and highest versions of themselves, and are looking to create the life & business of their dreams with my guidance step by step. 


I went from angry, miserable, tired, unmotivated, anxious and very unhappy working a 9-5 job in an office in London (although I worked WAY longer than those hours), to living between Bali and London with 2 businesses, the only requirement of where I work is a wifi connection (and maybe some good food), I wake up grateful, energised and full of life.


I had a deep knowing that life wasn’t meant to be working towards someone else’s purpose or dream for the majority of our waking hours. I just KNEW that wasn’t life … what was the point if it was? I felt owned and I felt like life was passing by, compared to now, I feel like I have purpose, I feel like I am making a difference, I don’t lay awake anymore freaking out that time is literally running out and I am wasting it.


The difference in me, and my life is unrecognisable.


I feel like a new person and like I got handed a different hand of cards.


But the truth is nobody handed me those cards. I made it happen. I designed and created the life I wanted. 


I am here to help you do the same. 




Here’s how … My Unearth, Connect & Create programme is so much more than a business programme. I believe that to have a successful and fulfilling business with effortless flow rather than constant ‘hustling’, not only do you need the actual business set up (and in the most streamlined way possible) but, you also have to do a lot of inner work too. This is why my programme covers both the fundamentals of creating a business and the inner work.

Creating a business can BE SO DAUNTING. I remember, and it is that feeling of overwhelm and just feeling SO FAR out of my comfort zone that made me want to give up daily. The constant struggle of trying to work things out, googling, then watching hours of footage, then buying courses just to do something that actually takes just a few minutes to do .... yeah, trust me when I say I have been there, TWICE! This is why having a coach to guide you, tell you that thing you need to know in just 5 minutes, walk you through it all step by step, AND hold you accountable is probably one of the best investments you could make on starting a new business. 


As well as creating your actual business in a physical sense, as mentioned above, in order to create the aligned business, that has an effortless flow to it, where your clients and customers come a whole lot easier, you have to Unearth all the parts of you that are holding you back. Those parts of you that are stopping you from stepping out of the norm and unearthing the beliefs that are blocking your alignment. You have to learn the tools to help you step into the highest version of you, the one you were born here to be before life started to hold you back. The one who doesn't shrink to fit in, the one who puts herself out there how she wants to be, rather than playing small and to others expectations. The reason this is all so important when it comes to starting a business? Because YOU are your business … and basically, you have to fully align with YOU, and who you are to become. You cannot expect others to trust you, to want to purchase your services or products when you don't believe in yourself. YOU come first. Always.

Here I break down the two main aspects of my programme:

How does the programme work?

We start with a discovery call. My discovery calls are just a time for you to ask me anything, your questions, your fears, anything holding you back and just a time to connect.


Once you start the programme (assuming we are both happy during the discovery call), then we will chat again either through video call or normal call once every two weeks for around an hour. Each time we speak we will talk, go through progress & challenges from the previous 2 weeks and we will go through exercises and brainstorm. The programme is not just 2 calls per month, there is a lot of work you will need to do outside of our calls. A lot of my programme is very journaling and self-work based on top of all the business exercises and then, of course, the actual work creating your business (if this is the stage you are at). 


I will also be available for support throughout and after the programme as well as holding you accountable for any goals or actions you decide on! 

We will have real conversations, when was the last time you felt truly 100% listened to without any judgement? A safe space where you can literally shout about those dreams that you may have that are so crazy you don’t think you should tell anyone … the worries that keep you up at night that you can’t even share with anyone.

I’ll be your devil and your angel on your shoulder, I’ll be your guide on the side, holding you accountable and helping you navigate changes in your life so that they actually happen with a plan, a goal, and most importantly action.  


You will be expected to work for this change, I cannot physically do it for you, but it is my absolute promise to you I will make this transformation a damn lot easier for you. 


You may be wondering about pricing, I can assure you it’s affordable, affordable from someone who was earning an average ‘fashion’ salary for a long time, I also have payment plans and options available if required! We can discuss this further and any other questions you have on the call. The most important thing for you to remember is only YOU can transform your life, nobody else can or will do it for you, and it starts with the decision to do so. 



Ok, I am interested ... what now? 


First of all, let’s speak with a FREE discovery call which you can book instantly online with the button below. No-strings-attached, I am not going to persuade you to take this programme, if you are not sure, if you don’t think it is right then it is not the right time for you, and hopefully you take away something from the call. This is just a casual conversation between us to connect and we go from there.


Remember, the energy you put into something is always replicated back, I waited for years for something to shift for me … it never did. I only now know why. Ask yourself 'where is your energy going right now and is that where it should be going?'


All my love. 




Why choose me? 

I’m sitting in Bali writing this copy and am about to write ‘Why to choose me as your coach?’ Good question right? ... There’s the obvious that I have been, and still am on this beautiful journey myself, I have trained with one of the top nutrition & coaching schools out there, I have a lot of experience in strategy, processes, systems marketing, streamlining and implementing, and I have made the giant leap too ... But then I realised while writing this, although loads of people have done the same journey (I have met many), this is exactly why you should choose me. I’m not some uber-famous living it up on a yacht, unrealistic ‘out there’ coach, sure that’s possible but I know that even I get overwhelmed by people like that.  I am just me, I worked a 9-5 in fashion with no special skills to start- hell I left school at 14! I didn’t have teams of people or a lot of money to splash out (I actually started with the smallest budget), I just knew I wanted more and was willing to put in the work and learn everything I needed to for my goal, and here I am now living a beautiful life with 2 simple businesses ... designed for freedom and joy and if I can do this so can you. 

When I first started working with Sarah I was really unsure of what path to take, in relation to my program and where I was going with my work. Sarah was able to advise me on which program she felt was most in alignment with me at the time and also how to become more sure of my purpose myself. Since then I have been able to achieve amazing things in my business, including launching and booking out a full group program, which has allowed me to evolve and grow as a person and as a business owner, all with the soul guidance and innate wisdom Sarah gave me.