Do you want to create impact & income, and feel great doing it?
Create your online purpose-fuelled business in as little as (but not limited to) 8 weeks using not only strategy, but also heart, magnetism, intuition and soul!



"I'm just grateful for this investment I made on myself. People talk about how 2020 is wasted but I don't feel that way and this year is definitely not the one that I will want to forget (tears in my eyes :-) 
- Create Academy client 

Are you .... ​

Feeling unfulfilled in your current work


Wanting to Create a service-based online business


Done with delaying your business and dream any longer


Finding difficulty in navigating all the areas of business you need to know


Struggling to make decisions with your business such as who to work with or your offer


Feeling overwhelmed with where and how to even start a business or market your business


Cannot stand the thought of sleazy marketing and ‘selling’ your services


Navigating limiting beliefs around starting a business


Finally done with holding yourself back and keeping yourself small

Ready to live a life doing something YOU LOVE

As your business rises ... you have to rise too ... 

I have put the hundreds of hours of my research, training, trial & errors, successes and working with clients 1:1 into this step by step course, to not only help you create your business without the normal struggle, but to also teach you how to run your business using the magic of energetics, manifesting, mindset AND intuition



Would you rather  .... ​

To Create a business that fulfils you with purpose, impact AND income

To save time AND money from doing years of courses and programmes and trial and error

Take action on your business with detailed steps rather than just accumulating more knowledge

To create an additional or primary source of income through work you are passionate about

To learn how to use your energy to create more abundance and joy in both your business and your life

Step by step and detailed guidance on how to create a service based online business from scratch 

Learn how to make decisions from your intuition and heart instead of your mind meaning no more painful decision making!


Become a magnet for success instead of using old sales tactics creating more time and space mentally and physically


Take advantage of any spare time you find yourself with this year and set yourself up for purpose and abundance


Shift those limiting beliefs and step into that of power, confidence and purpose!


Finally do what you are HERE TO DO! 

"I have been able to achieve amazing things in my business, including launching and booking out a full group program, which has allowed me to evolve and grow as a person and as a business owner, all with the soul guidance and innate wisdom Sarah gave me"


Here's the thing:

Your business could be just 8 weeks away ... If you choose!

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"For my business, Sarah has guided me through my fears and all the online work I didn’t even know I could do. She gave me so much power to create my dream business through her knowledge and many worksheets (which I loved!!!)"

The Curriculum ​


Here is a preview of what to expect week by week: 

Golden Chakra

Energy fundamentals 

Create fundamental energy enhancing habits, discover your WHY, and create your future vision

Golden Crystals
Market your business

Create a heart centred instagram Strategy that will attract your ideal clients. Create your branding, learn copywriting and inspired content creation.

Blazing Eye
Heart-Centered selling & launching

Learn how to have heart centred and effortless ‘sales’ calls. Release any icky feelings of selling, create your launch plan. and start stepping into abundance!

Blazing Eye

Shape your business 

Get clarity on your Niche, your offer and your HOW using my unique method and the power of intuition instead of the mind.  Start taking action.



Mystic Eye
Magnetise your business 

Discover the importance and reasons of lead magnets and create your very own including, step by step landing page and automated emails creation as well as domain & email address purchase

Step into your Higher Self 

Create your website and learn all about your higher self and how to energetically step into the future version of you that is already a successful entrepreneur 

Crystal Ball
Build your confidence and your business

Learn top level content marketing strategy and my 5 step value cycle principles. Build your programme/package and finalise your offer and pricing. Start shifting limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

Golden Parchment
Shift your beliefs & Automate your business

Work through your limiting beliefs and rewrite your stories with energy and mindset. Set up your bookings & payment automations and your on-boarding process 

Heart Lock and Crown
Taking it to the next level ​

With your business set up and ready, and you having the clarity on how to market yourself, this module is how you go forward from here, and how you cultivate magnetism in your energy field. 

"Sarah's Create Academy course has so much value. I seriously loved all the new insights I gained on being intentional in your business, truly showing up in your highest power and with the best energy, and following your intuition to truly do something aligned. I would recommend it to everyone! Beginners, this is a fantastic place to start- and even if you are an experienced coach, you will only gain insight - and of course, be so privileged to learn from the lovely, powerful light that Sarah is. "
-Create Academy client


What Create Academy includes: 

9 x exclusive in-depth training session videos delivered weekly

9 x audio versions for easier listening during travel etc 

6 bonus videos & how-to guides for detailed trainings eg. Landing pages


8 Detailed workbooks filled with over 40 step by step exercises, many journal prompts & of course guidance 


The option of additional 1:1 sessions during the programme if desired for extra potency and guidance (Contact me to find out more)

Your guide throughout:

I am Sarah, an Intuitive life & business coach. I mix the power of energy, intuition, the law of attraction and magnetism into the details and strategy of building a business.


With a background of operations, strategy & business development all within fashion in London, and after building my own Yoga Apparel brand Inspirit Collective and my coaching business, I have truly combined all of this knowledge, my own trial and errors and my heart into this online course with so much intention - to help you FINALLY get your feet off the ground and begin this incredible journey of living truly in your soul’s purpose! 




Course only

8 x Module training videos

8 x Module training audio versions

8 x Module workbooks

Welcome meditation and celebration video 

8 x Bonus how-to videos 

FB Group for support & community 


Course + 3 Private sessions

Everything in Create Academy



3 x Private 75-minute coaching sessions 

DM me or email for availability 

Are you ready? 

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

You know what business you want to create (if you are struggling here refer to my Becoming programme) You have a minimum of 4 hours per week excluding the daily habits we implement (although please note you can complete this course in your own time) You are dedicated and serious about creating your dream business You can hold yourself accountable if given the guidance and how-to knowledge (if not please contact me for availability with 1:1’s) You are ready to start living in purpose

What is the difference between this and the EXPAND 1:1 Biz programme ?

My signature programme EXPAND is a 1:1 5 month business and self programme. With exclusive training videos and bi-weekly private sessions. Create Academy is an online and intensive course designed for those at the start of their business journey. Create Academy is guided towards service based online businesses only. Create Academy is the lowest price available to work with me in a business capacity and has been created for those unable to invest more, and for those who are capable of self-accountability if given the know-how. EXPAND is a way to get my input, my guidance both knowledge and intuitive, create product based or unique businesses as well as energetic healings and deeper inner work.

Are there live calls?

No. This course is purely prerecorded and self-paced. This means you can complete the course in the 8 weeks, or take over a year if you need to. There is the option (depending on availability) of adding 3 x 1:1 sessions with me to have along side the course or afterwards. This is a great way of getting my eyes (and intuition) on your business without the full Create 1:1 programme

How do I know if it is right for me?

Feel it in your body. Does this feel expansive or contractive? Your body knows the answer. If you are struggling to make the decision please reach out via instagram or email and ask away any questions!