Activation sessions

Individual energy healing sessions created for activating YOU and your energy!  Whether it's to clear negative energy & blocks, increase your vibration, initiate healing or open up your energy field - these sessions are POWERFUL! Choose between 45 minute or 90 minute sessions. 

Up-level your energy ...  Up-level your life

45 minute session

A new option I have added so you can receive purely just the energy healing itself! After a brief chat to discuss your intentions for the healing we will then begin the 30 minute remote healing followed by a debrief to share your experiences or any large messages that came through intuitively.

Energy Healings can help in numerous ways, with the energy being channeled through being slightly different healer to healer (even reiki can feel different between practitioners). Although the session itself will be based on your intentions as well as what is for your highest good, below I have listed what you can receive during my sessions:

Increase your Vibration and/or open yourself up to abundance or other higher energies

Clear negative or unwanted/unconscious energy from your energy body that may or may not belong to you ... This is great for Empaths!

Release energetic blocks within the body caused by suppressed emotions or trauma that is resulting in limiting beliefs, physical pain or sickness or continuously repeating the same patterns in your life eg. with relationships

Activate your body's own healing response so your body has the environment it needs to heal and protect itself

Align or clear your chakras (energetic centres within the body)

Integrate back/ground into your body

This session can be so potent and some of the experiences my clients have recieved can only be described as pure magic! This session can be and has been for my clients a huge catalyst for your own intuitive or physical healing journey! 

45 minutes 

New client offer just £59!!



Energy directly affects your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your situations, your vibration, your intuition and your reality. It literally is the base of everything!


 90 minute session

In this 90 minute session you will experience all of the above from the 45 minute session plus more time to receive more direction, intuitive guidance, tools & coaching depending on your intention for this call (whether business or life). 

This session is perfect if you are looking for some extra coaching or guidance as well as the healing itself. If any of these sound or feel like you then this session would be great for you!! 

Feeling stuck in your life right now

Wanting to explore your own intuitive gifts

Lacking direction in life or your business

Struggling with a particular circumstance in your life and requiring some guidance

Feeling stuck or stagnant with Manifesting or your own guidance

Needing some advice or direction in your business

Feeling like you have limiting beliefs or blocks getting in the way of your success

Feeling stuck in your business and needing some activating!

Not only do you get the potent energy healing in this session but we will also have extra time to really dig into what is holding you back right now and unearth beliefs that may be the reason you are feeling blocked. Using both intuitive insights & guidance from the energy healing plus coaching tools - you will receive some practical and tangible guidance and direction to help you on your journey, make some serious shifts, energetically align and ultimately up-level to a higher version of you!

90 minutes

New client offer £89!!

For any questions on the session please email me or send me a DM on Instagram sarah.louise.sutton or


Unique sessions! 

If you are looking for something different, please get in touch and book a call in below and we can discuss your requirements and go from there 


Sarah truly has a very special gift. I have struggled with a tightness in my chest for years, I have known that it is an energy block but never been able to shift it. The session with Sarah was incredible. She made me feel very calm and relaxed and half way through this weight on my chest just lifted, I felt it shift. My throat was clear and for the 1st time I could feel it felt free and open. I have a new found energy since the session and I am hugely grateful to Sarah. THANK YOU. 


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