It's time to

 1:1 Intuitive Business mentoring 5 month programme - Expand into your next level of your Soul Business, Energy, Intuition & Magnetism 

Your Soul's business is waiting for you 

Do you feel confused about what to offer your clients and how?

Do you feel stuck or uncertain in your business?

Do you feel like something is out of alignment or like something just isn't quite right?

Do you feel like your business just isn't as successful as you know it could be?

Are you feeling ready to stop playing small and truly serve as your soul desires?

Are you ready to stop hustling and start magnetising instead?

And are you ready to step up and into ​the intuitive & empowered business owner you know you can be?

Are you ready to run your business in alignment with your Soul & Purpose

And do you have a deep desire to help others that you just NEED to share with the world ?

Then you are in the right place ...



This isn't just a 'regular' business coaching programme

If you want your business to flow effortlessly, and to be magnetic to your dream clients instead of hustling for clients. If you want to help others, whilst remaining in flow and integrity yourself - then strategy and systems alone will not cut it.

You need to step into your Soul's energy & purpose

And energetically align with your mission in every single aspect of your business, from your offers to your marketing strategy

Allowing your Soul & intuition to be the inspiration and decision-makers of your business 

As well as having solid strategies and systems in place to make it all happen

And that is exactly what I can help you do

Because here is the thing ... success gets to be easy 

No, really. The hard work is in the alignment, not where everyone thinks

You are here for a reason with a message and energy to share 

Why wouldn't you be supported to achieve that?

Whether you are at the very start of creating your business, or whether you already have foundations in place, I am here to help you take yourself AND your business all to the next level 

During this programme, we work on both the strategy and the soul work simultaneously and Intuitively.  Below shows you my programme pillars:


As your business rises ... you have to rise too ... 


What is included in the programme? 
Golden Chakra
11 x 75 min bi-weekly zoom calls 
Golden Crystals
Exercises & worksheets
Blazing Eye
17 exclusive training videos
Mystic Eye
Optional energy healings
Crystal Ball
Intuitive reading & guidance
Heart Lock and Crown
In-between whatsapp support

The choice of energy healing

My energy healings are a huge aspect of the energetic activations that happen during my coaching programme.

These healings (which are added at the end of each coaching session) are powerful for expanding your energetic, spiritual and emotional body!

I am forever in awe of what happens during these healings and no session is ever the same, however the most common benefits of these sessions are hugely increasing your frequency, to connect you to your own intuition and spirit guides (through the frequency increase and clear channel), and to help you clear and shift emotions or stuck energy in your energy body or energy field (this is fab for empaths).

They are POWERFUL. If you want to know more the FAQ here may help!

Energy Healing FAQ's

How does the healing work remotely?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how do the remote healing sessions work when we are not together.
You as the client will receive a healing, in the same way as if we were in a room together - in fact sometimes I feel they are more powerful remote - as you are in your own home, where I would hope you feel more relaxed and open than you would if you had travelled and gone to a practioners home or centre. Our physical bodies are seperated by space and distance, there is no denying that, however energy is not. I can connect to your energy body with any amount of distance between us. Just like if you are on the phone to someone and can feel their energy through the call or on the TV - this is a prime example of how you can connect to someone's energy regardless of distance. It is a powerful process, and if this is your first remote healing or healing altogether, the moment you feel the energy, your relationship with energy and the power of energy will dramatically shift in your life once you experience the session.

What can I expect to feel during the energy healing?

To be honest, anything goes! Some clients feel tingles over their body, and feel exactly what area I am working on during the healing. Others can feel very sleepy and feel quite trancy and fall into a deep state of healing. It is common for clients to feel emotions being released. This can be experienced with actual emotions being released, or just the feeling of release in certain areas of the body. Another common thing to experience is the feeling of energy actually leaving your body, making you feel lighter instantly. Quite often clients can experience visions, recieve their own messages and/or guidance during the sessions, as well as feeling more connected to Spirit. You will feel your vibration increase, and a sense of more grounding also. On some occasions, you may feel nothing. This does not mean it isn't working, it is just depends on your sensitively to feel the energy moving in your body. The after effects of the healing will still be the same whether you felt energy moving or not. After the healings, I always recommend to ground in nature or salt baths, and to drink plenty of water to help with the release. It is also common to experience some ups and downs for a few days following the healing, as energy will keep releasing for a few days after the healing. This is normal and nothing to worry about. The majority of clients experience such a shift in vibration immediately after and incredible shifts in their lives because of it - regardless of any emotions being released.

How does energy healing work?

As the facilator, I have opened up and am able to channel a very high frequency energy into your energy field and energetic body. It works in the same way as Reiki does (which I am trained in FYI), so just as Reiki is a certain frequency that is channeled through the crown and the hands, the frequency I have access to works exactly the same. This frequency alone will of course directly increase your own frequency, it will help to release and bring up and out lower vibrations, and as your own intuition and guidance is frequency based also, it is so common for my clients to feel more connected to their guides and intuition and soul gifts after recieving a healing. In addition to these, the other most common benefits of my energy healings (all facilators are different) would be realigning, opening and clearing your energetic centres in your body (your chakras), huge relaxation and nervous system regulation, releasing and clearing emotions that are stagnant and stuck in your energy body, grounding and centering you back into your body, and finally clearing your energy field from unwanted energy that isn't yours (most empaths struggle with this).


Ultimately you are going to know if I am the right person for you.

You will feel it in your body.


I ask you to listen to that before all else.

As a business coach, energy healer, and an intuitive ... I am able to guide you back into your souls energy, alignment and truth, and work with you on connecting to your own source of guidance and Intuition, that I promise you have available.

My ability to merge these magical activations, readings and expansions with my grounded and strategic side (P.S I have 6 planets in Capricorn and a big background of strategy), is the true magic of my coaching container, and it is my hope with this work I bring YOU back to your truth and YOUR magic, so you can be grounded in who you are, what you are here to do, and feeling deeply worthy of all the success you deserve!

Why choose me? 
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The question is now ... are you ready?

Next steps 

If this has lifted your vibration and has you excited then I would love to hear from you! 

Please fill in the form with the button below, if I feel we could be a fit then I will get touch to arrange a call so we can connect and we can go from there. Together we can decide whether this programme is right for you and your business.

Spaces are limited with this programme as it is 1:1. I only work with those that are serious and committed with the work and what they are putting out into the world. You can't make it happen by just showing up to a session every couple of weeks and watching some videos - there is a lot of work you will need to do outside of our calls both internally and physically on the business. I cannot physically create these shifts for you, but it is my absolute promise to you I will make this transformation a damn lot easier for you.

Investment (excluding healing):
Starting at £380 per month

What do my clients say?
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