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My Free your flow tools are the starting blocks to your transformation, they are perfect if you are not quite ready to start or don't have a desire for coaching/mentorship yet.

They have been created to help you re-discover YOU on a physical, energetic, spiritual & emotional level ...


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Sink into your body meditation audio 




It’s great that all the poses and how to do them are in the book too, I feel I have learnt to do yoga poses properly instead of just following a YouTube yoga video.

I love how the flow lets you slow down and focus on your breath and the pose. It’s like a moving meditation.

So good for beginners introducing into yoga or, like me not really new but wanting to try something a little less ‘you tubey’. Also bonus, the playlist that comes along with it is a dreeeeeeam


Not only have I felt more connected with my body, feelings and thoughts, I have been so much more energised, productive and genuinely happier. Ironically just by finding an hour a day to make time for this little routine I’ve also found so much more time for myself to eat better, exercise and write. Things I’ve been promising myself I’ll start for I’m gonna go as far as saying YEARS! 
Mindset really is key. I’ve always suffered from anxiety and depression and often find myself stuck in a hole that I can’t climb out of. Even on my sad days I managed to roll onto my mat and it’s given me my own little therapy to sort through my thoughts, connect with my body and offer that little bit of self love I needed to release the negative shit and wrap myself up in a little “you got this” hug. I’ve never been one to have a routine or stick to one, so I was amazed that I’ve found this so easy to commit to.


Bought the lovely yoga e-guide in the hope of developing my home practice, after struggling to make classes with new life pressures. Lovely flow and so well explained, each week moves the practice on slightly while keeping lots of core elements so that you can move without panicking about where you are going next. Really allows you to get into a good headspace, focus on your practice, and most importantly yourself! 5 stars: *****

Hear what people say about my e-guide .... 


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