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Choose your ideal meditation from below, based on how you feel or how you would like to feel.

All meditations are available to stream or download, as well as access to the google drive file for quick saving if you would rather! My hope is one of those is perfect for you! 

DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind to make these meditations even more powerful and potent, some of these meditations are infused with Reiki, and although you are not in a practitioner's presence, energy does not need to be in-person to be felt. Although Reiki is gentle please do not underestimate its potency. By listening to these meditations you are holding yourself liable and responsible for your health as well as anyone/anything that is affected by you by doing so. If you are (for whatever reason) unable to be exposed to reiki or energy healing, then please avoid these meditations.

DO NOT listen whilst driving or operating machinery or any situation where harm to yourself or others could be caused

To find out more on reiki please head here 





Grounding Meditation 

 Not only ground yourself into the frequency of our earth, but with this 12 minute reiki infused meditation you will also call back all the parts of your consciousness that leave you feeling scattered and ungrounded

00:00 / 12:35
Golden Chakra



Daily Devotional Practice  

This 10-minute reiki infused gratitude and devotional practice is my favourite way to start the day, to cultivate the highest vibration to not only set strong and magnetising intentions, but also the best energy to start your day with!

00:00 / 10:17
Mystic Eye



Clear and protect your energy field

 Clear your energy field from any unwanted energy, and call in the highest form of protection to protect you throughout your day or night. This Reiki infused 10-minute meditation is perfect for those feeling down, overwhelmed, or those that know they have taken on other peoples/places/situation's energy. 

00:00 / 10:45
Golden Crystals



Future Self Embodiment Meditation 

 Meet and call in your future self in this 25 minute practice. Skip timelines and not only meet who she is and what energy she holds, but tap into and embody that energy straight away!

00:00 / 25:25
Blazing Eye


More coming soon ... 




Manifesting Meditation 

 Tap into the energy of what it is you are calling in with this Reiki infused 10-minute meditation. With accountability and guidance throughout, this practice creates the space and allows you to hold the energy and frequency of what you desire, creating so much magnetism within you for the feelings you want to attract! 

Psst. With this one, have a journal close by and note down any uncomfortable feelings or beliefs that arise during this meditation - They will be things that could be preventing you from calling your manifestation in and for you to work on/heal 

00:00 / 10:05
Golden Parchment
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