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Delicate Fabric

Private 1:1 Mentorship

Your next level is here.


My 1:1 mentorship packages are for those who are ready to live in purpose, in full alignment to their Soul, and what they are here to do, and ready to work with the power of energy and the Soul to bring them into their full potential, power and magnetism



Finally claiming their potential, who they are, what they came here to do, and in the way they came here to do it

Finally letting go of trying to control and force everything, instead allowing energy to work for them so that abundance, success, results and joy come with ease, grace, purpose and enjoyment

No longer playing small or being held back, instead fully leaning in and embodying a much higher version of themselves in life or/and in business

Mastering and upgrading their vibration and emotions on a day-to-day basis, as well as when challenges arise, so no longer spiralling downwards, but instead now being able to stay magnetic, and attuned and surrendered to their Soul no matter what is going on

Becoming fully tapped in, trusting and surrendered to their inner guidance and intuition, and ultimately following their Soul's alignment above all else

Opening up intuitively and spiritually, becoming channels of Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and even mediumship (even without ANY prior experience), and being a clear vessel for Spirit whether for themselves or to share this work with others

Upleveling their businesses so that their business is now in full alignment with who they are, they feel great in every area, clear strategy moving forward, and now streamlined and efficient with no energy leaks, and because of all this -  seeing hugely increased results, success AND enjoyment!

Delicate Fabric


 During this container, you will receive regular intuitive coaching with me, as well as remote energy healings or activations (aka major upgrades on an energetic level), and also regular Spiritual readings and intuitive guidance (this is where I connect and receive messages from your Guides or Higher Self during the healings or our conversations).
This unique combination of coaching, energetic upgrades, alignment and attunement to your Soul is what makes my mentorship so deeply transformational. We are working on multiple levels not just one (the mental, physical, spiritual and energetic).

My mentorship is just as much cosmic and intuitive, as it is grounded and strategy-based

There are two packages available for my 1:1 mentoring:

1. Full High-level Support
2 x 120-minute sessions per month, each including Zoom mentoring, an intuitive energy healing/activation, and a Spiritual Reading, as well as in-between message/voice message support (working hours).

*If you commit to a 6-month minimum, you will also receive access to my courses: Vibrational Living, Psychic development course, Reiki 1 certification, and if you have a business, my exclusive business video library which includes 15 strategy trainings. 

2. Energetic and WhatsApp support 
1 x 45-minute Soul Alignment session per month (30-minute remote energy healing or activation plus a Spiritual Reading shared via voice note after), and full comprehensive intuitive coaching and mentoring via message/voice note during the rest of the month (working hours).
This is a great option if you don't need as much support, but you would love the regular energetic upgrades and expansion of the monthly healings, alongside intuitive guidance and mentoring via WhatsApp (P.S don't underestimate the power of the shifts, guidance and up-levels that can happen with just messaging/voice notes).

My mentorship is fully catered uniquely to you, and your current vision in life or business, below are some of the topics and areas we can work on together:


Elevate your energy
Elevate your life



Gaining clarity on your purpose and Soul's alignment, and gaining clarity for your next steps in life/business

Mastering your vibration, nervous system and emotions on a day-to-day basis, so you are magnetic no matter what is going on in your life

Activating your Higher Self both energetically and vibrationally, and with your thoughts, words and actions

Activating and/or developing your Soul gifts (psychic, intuitive and healing) as either a tool in your business or for your own journey

Developing your intuition and connection to your guides, to support you personally, and in your business

Becoming a manifesting queen in life or business, and exploring your unique magnetic sweet spot and blend of masculine and feminine energies in life/business (p.s not everyone is meant to have the same mix)

Identifying and energetically upgrading and healing the beliefs that are holding you back from your power

Learning the tools, practices and knowledge to create a connected, magical and more elevated life, as well as know how to navigate the harder challenges life may bring

This container can also be great if you are navigating life changes or shifts eg. career, relationships, spiritual awakening, or at home, and you are craving spiritual, intuitive and energetic support as you move through that



Gaining clarity on where your current energy leaks are, or where you are currently being held back in your business/or where you are out of alignment


Developing the best automation, processes and systems for your business, creating a business that is streamlined, minimalistic and works for you, your energy and your needs (I am quite the automation and process queen)

Creating the most aligned and expansive offers, strategy and brand for your business and your Soul, setting yourself on a much higher more aligned timeline!

Ultimately we will see where you are, your vision for the future, and start making energetic, spiritual, and tangible steps towards it!

Delicate Fabric

If you are feeling called towards me and this work, then I cannot wait to hear from you. Please fill in the form below, and I will get in touch so we can connect and explore working together from there. 

For the full package including Zoom calls there is a 3-month minimum at £450 per month (£500 pm for business owners)
For the energetic and whatsapp support package there is one month minimum at £275 per month 

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