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A 4-month 1:1 health coaching journey to support women in creating lasting and sustainable daily practices, hormone balance and good nutritional habits, to help you feel the best version of you possible! 

By definition, Vitality is the state of being when you are full of life and energy. It is also the capacity of a meaningful or purposeful existence. 

Who doesn’t want that? 


If I wind back 4 years ago, I felt not even 2% of how I feel now. I felt constantly tired, sluggish, like my hunger would come out of nowhere, my body ached all the time, I was sick regularly and I suffered from severe migraines ... to the extent I took daily medication for them. And now? I don't have one of those issues and take no medication for anything anymore. From the bottom of my heart, I had NO idea I was capable of feeling this way. I am now filled with energy, strength, good health and just feeling like I am THRIVING from the inside out. If I had known this way of feeling was possible I would have sorted my diet, mindset and lifestyle out WAY sooner.


My vitality programme is here to help you feel your absolute best too!


It isn't just solely focused on Nutrition although this is a huge aspect, hormones are also a huge part of my programme, known in a lot of traditions as the fifth vital sign, our hormones and cycle tell us SO MUCH about what is going on with our body, mind and lifestyle. Our hormones are the building blocks to the majority of our internal functions and without balance can cause not only physical dis-ease but also mental and emotional challenges. 

My programme is going to help you find the parts of your life that are off-balance and affecting your overall health. The thing with health is, health is an overall state of being, you cannot just focus on one thing and expect that one thing being perfect making you healthy ....  like nutrition for example. You can eat all the kale and the most perfectly nutritious diet but if you are in a toxic relationship or a job you hate, you are not going to be ‘healthy’ or feel good.


My vitality programme looks at all the aspects of your life, and together we navigate those changes together. We get to the root of what is causing unbalance in your life, body and hormones, and work on these from the ground up, so you can bloom with the right foundations in place instead of masking them with bad habits, unhappiness, pills or addictive behaviours.

How does the programme work?

We will have a 60-minute video or voice call once every two weeks for 4 months. Your programme will be completely dependant on where exactly you are in your life right now, and after our consultation and first session we will have worked out what we need to work on together and how. 


As I said nutrition is a big part of my Vitality programme. We will go through the key areas of nutrition in an educational way (highlighted below) as well as anything I think relevant for you, your body, your lifestyle and your needs. The thing with nutrition is whilst there are fundamental and key points that everyone can follow, each and every ‘body’ is different, and together we can work out what works for you.


In each call we will talk about the previous weeks, how you have been getting on with the things you have focused on, we will talk, discuss and brainstorm whatever it is that needs to be worked on that week or anything that comes up naturally in this period of your life.


You will get a workbook to work through with keynotes and questions for nutrition, as well as any other exercises to complete for the other areas of your life such as relationships, career, exercise and spirituality, and you will also get support and accountability from me throughout as well as follow up communication after







What will you learn? 



The below set up isn't always the same as it is catered for you, but here is a rough guide of what you can expect to gain out of the programme:


  • A deeper understanding of macro & micronutrients, what they do and how they can help you, and how you can incorporate them into your diet. 

  • What your hormones are telling you about your health and lifestyle and how to get your hormones back to balance and harmony.

  • Learn where you can get the best sources of some of the key nutrients required on a plant-based diet 

  • Clear knowledge and guidance on gut health, sugar, sensitivities, hormones and emotional eating if this is relevant for you

  • Guidance and accountability for creating daily habits to maintain and improve your health such as meditation, journaling or movement 

  • Guidance and accountability with managing your energy, both vibrationally and also physically.

  • Presence and guidance where needed for our conversations, where the power of questions, honestly and reflection will completely unfold before your eyes.

  • Accountability and guidance for the goals we set together for you either personally, emotionally, physically or for your life or career goals. You won’t believe the difference accountability can make when it comes to achieving and moving forward with the things you have always wanted to change.

How do we get started? 


Easy! First things first, you can book a FREE consultation. This is a time for me to find out more about you and your needs and if this programme is for you. This will also be a time for you to see if you connect with me and how you feel about working with me, and where I can answer any questions you may have and of course, we can discuss pricing and payment options at this time. The consultation will only take around 30 minutes. 

Although my Vitality programme is set out across 4 months to ensure you can really create, build and implement lasting habits and changes, if you are looking for one-off's or a certain amount of sessions, with health coaching I do have the flexibility to alter if required. We can discuss this in our consultation if this is something you are looking for. 


If this is the right thing for both of us, we will arrange the day and time for our calls. I will send you some forms and a link to payment which is all done easily and quickly online with payment options available.


If you don't look after your body, where else are you going to live?

All my love. 




Why me?

After my personal health journey mentioned above, and after listening to hundreds of podcasts, videos and audiobooks on health, I decided to study with IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) which is one of the leading schools for nutrition and health-coaching out there. It was on this journey my obsession and awe with hormones began, and I dove headfirst into learning so much more about hormones and womens cycles in much more detail and depth, not only to help heal myself more, but I also knew that EVERYONE could benefit from balancing their hormones and lifestyle, as well as creating better nutritional habits.

How we feel in our bodies is key for living a more fulfiling and happier life, if you feel great you feel happier, just like when you feel sick you feel miserable and down.

I want you to experience how incredibly amazing our bodies were designed to feel, and by working with them how you too can feel like a completely upgraded human.

As a coach, I am loving and compassionate, but I also know that my job as a coach is to hold you accountable to your own goals and plans, and so I will create the space for you to make this transition into a healthier version of you .... just with a lot of love on the side :)