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6 ways to Protect your Energy

So as someone that works with energy daily, both with myself and my clients, my energetic hygiene is KEY.

What do I mean when saying energetic hygiene?

I mean making sure I cleanse my energy, protect my energy, and keep my energy sacred. I have to make sure I stay in my own energy field and don’t take on lower energies or vibrations from my client's healings or just the world in general.

Now, whether you work with energy or not, you are an energetic being, and so by incorporating energy-protecting and cleansing practices into your life, I know with every cell in my body you would start to feel a shift in your energy.

So I really want to share with you my favourite 6 practices I use to protect my energy - I shared this on Instagram in the week but felt it was too good to just leave there (P.s if you don’t see my posts because of ya know - the algorithm, please add my insta to your favourites or click the bell icon to get notified).

So here are my 6 favourite practices:

  1. I ask my guides to protect me and I imagine a protective loving layer of energy surrounding me (I do this multiple times a day)

  2. When I feel like I am taking on energy from a person or a TV show, or reading the news etc, I imagine the person or whatever it is I am interacting with surrounded by their own or it’s own energetic field (you can imagine this as a bubble around them), and then I visualise my energetic field (another bubble), and I acknowledge and visualise they are separate and are not intertwined. This helps set the intention that my energy is not merging with theirs

  3. I reduce my exposure to things that I know affect me (where possible). I don’t watch horror films, or really dark TV, I don’t go in huge crowds and I avoid situations, conversations or people I know aren’t good for me

  4. I remind myself that no matter what energy is coming at me or around me, it actually is always (with my compassion) coming from the highest form of love - Remember we have the power to transmute anything✨

  5. I prioritise my frequency and energy every day with practices, healings and intentions. Having a higher frequency naturally protects you

  6. Lastly and maybe the most important of all - I anchor into the fact that I am in control, and nobody and nothing can take my energy or give me energy without my permission ✨

Remember that when it comes to energy, intention is always key, and have fun with the visualisations!

I would love to know if you try one (or all of them), or if there are any practices you personally love yourself. If you want to see the original post you can see it here 💗

If you are struggling with your energy right now, or feel you just would love some support and nourishment, I offer my Soul Activation Sessions, these are my either 45 or 90 minute single sessions that include an energy healing, receiving guidance from your guides, and in the 90 minute session there is also extra time and space for further guidance and intuitive coaching around something you are working on or through right now. You can find out more info here

Or, if you are looking for BIG transformation, I offer my 6 month private mentorship for entrepreneurs specifically, or I also have my private 4 month mentorship and coaching program for those looking for support, expansion and healing in life. You can explore these options here.

If you have any questions regarding working with me, or this post, or anything I chat about ... please feel free to get in touch via my Instagram @sarah.louise.sutton or my email

Sending so much love x


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