• Free Your Flow yoga e-guide


    Would you like to create a regular and sustainable yoga practice at home?


    Would you like to become more aware and in tune with your body and your intuition, so you know instantly if something is 'off' whether emotional or physical?


    Would you like to create the habit the way I did (and I tried ALL THE THINGS)?

    Yoga only became transformational for me when I created a self-practice, which meant I was no longer watching or copying, or trying to listen, instead just completely connecting to my breath and my body without distractions. I learnt more about my body since creating my self-practice than the previous 26 years of my life, I became more aware of my emotions, my flow, my intuition and just … well myself!


    Yoga classes are incredible, and as a yoga teacher, I believe classes are there for us to learn, to then practice at home which is where I feel the true magic of yoga happens. But it isn’t that easy to just ‘do yoga’ on your mat at home, what poses you do or what video you watch, or when to do it all causes doubt and delay… I have been there and the method in my guide was the only one that worked for me, which is exactly why I created an e-guide from it!


    Although my guide does have to be followed to start, my intention of this guide is for you to know the base sequence within a few weeks so you can start getting into your own flow with it, and feeling the magic in no time!


    It takes around 30 minutes to complete and I recommend for the best results at least 4 times a week.




    • Over 35 posture breakdowns aka Posture lab to help you understand the instructions for each pose.
    • 6 weeks sequence guide split week by week all photographed for easy following (sequence developed on each week)
    • My tips & tricks for getting started and creating a habit 
    • Self-enquiry questions & mission statement (you are 10 x more likely to hit a written down goal)
    • Mid-way self-enquiry and reflection 
    • Final reflection self-enquiry 
    • Weekly emails of motivation and further tips (you can unsubscribe at any time)
    • Contact support throughout if required 
    • 70 pages of love 


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    Please note this is a digital programme and is delivered as a digital download. Nothing photographed including technology or puppies are included in the purchase. 


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    Have any questions? Send me an email at hi@sarahlouisesutton.com or send me a DM on Instagram @sarah.louise.sutton

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