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    Would you like to create a regular and sustainable yoga self- practice at home?

    Yoga was always transformational for me, but the biggest shift occurred when I created a self-practice. It meant I was no longer watching or copying, or trying to listen, instead just completely connecting to my breath, intuition and my body without distractions.

    My practice became a time to shift energy, to move energy and integrate energy whilst increasing and listening to the magic that is our intuition and our bodies, and ultimately it is a time I come back home - to myself.

    My practice has become a vital component to my morning ritual and I have no doubt it has been one of the biggest catalysts in my journey from a stressed, anxious, unaware, non-spiritual, stuck and disconnected girl working in fashion in London - to an entrepreneur, mentor and energy healer living in Bali - and I would love nothing more than to be given the opportunity to guide you through creating such a beautiful practice for yourself. 

    This guide is to help you firstly create the habit of a self-practice and to start working with the breath and receive the mediative benefits that come from repeating the same flow each day ... to over the course of programme preparing and guiding you to create an intuitive yoga practice - a practice solely guided by your body, energy and your intuition.

    The flow and programme itself Is built upon each week helping you develop your practice, and takes around 30-40 minutes to complete. I recommend for the best results at least 4 times a week.




    • Over 35 posture breakdowns aka Posture lab to help you understand the instructions for each pose.
    • 6 week flow guide split week by week all photographed for easy following (sequences developed on each week)
    • My tips & tricks for getting started and creating a habit 
    • Self-enquiry questions & mission statement (you are 10 x more likely to hit a written down goal)
    • 71 pages of love 


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    Please note this is a digital programme and is delivered as a digital download. Nothing photographed including technology or puppies (I’m sorry) are included in the purchase.


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