Create Academy GOLD version (incl 3 x 75 minute 1:1 sessions)

Create Academy GOLD version (incl 3 x 75 minute 1:1 sessions)


This version includes the Create Academy 8 Week Self-Study course along with 3 x private 1:1 sessions, all to help you finally create your online purpose fuelled business in just 8 weeks using not only strategy, but also heart, magnetism, intuition and soul!


9 Modules delivered weekly but with the option of taking as long as you need


WEEK/MODULE 1 - Energy fundamentals of your business

Create fundamental energy enhancing habits, discover and get clear on your WHY, and create your future vision 


WEEK/MODULE 2 - Shape your business

Get clarity on your Niche, your offer and your HOW using the power of intuition instead of the mind. Create your mission statement and your personal pitch. Start taking action. 


WEEK/MODULE 3 - Build your confidence and your business

Learn top level content marketing strategy and my 5 step value cycle principles. Get clarity on how to create your programme or package and finalise your offer and pricing. Shift limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome and identify and start clearing money mindset beliefs holding you back


WEEK/MODULE 4 - Market your business

Learn a heart centred instagram Strategy that will attract your ideal clients at the stage they are at. Create your branding pack and some Instagram top tips for becoming magnetic. Learn copywriting basics and how to create inspired content whilst also having a plan 


WEEK/MODULE 5 -  Magnetise your business 

Discover the importance and reasons of lead magnets and set yours in place. Purchase your domain, set up your email address, create your landing page and automated emails with my step by step guides and videos 


WEEK/MODULE 6 - Shift your beliefs & Automate your business

Push through your limiting beliefs and rewrite your stories using both energy work and mindset. Set up your automations with bookings and payments, and your onboarding process 


WEEK/MODULE 7 - Sell within your business

Learn how to have heart centred and effortless ‘sales’ calls, remaining in service, in purpose and avoiding any icky feelings of selling. Create a launch plan (if you are launching) and finalise your copy and work further on your beliefs 


WEEK/MODULE 8 - Step into your business 

Create your website and learn all about your higher self and the version of you that you can become whenever you choose. This module comes with a meditation to help you tap into the already successful and highest expression of you.


WEEK/MODULE 9 - Taking it to the next level 

This module is how you go forward from here, and how you cultivate magnetism in your energy field. 


What is included: 


9 x exclusive in-depth weekly training session videos

9 x audio versions for easier listening during travel etc 

8 bonus videos & how-to guides for detailed trainings eg. Landing pages


8 Detailed workbooks filled with over 40 step by step exercises, many journal prompts & of course guidance 


Access to my Create your purposeful business FB group where you can get support through your journey from me and further additional educational videos


The option of additional 1:1 sessions during the programme if desired for extra potency and guidance

  • Additional T&C's

    Create Academy is completely online based and all course material is delivered as virtual files. Nothing physical photographed is delivered as part of Create Academy.

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