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Soul & Business Activation Session

Full Zoom Business Session & Energy Healing (including intuitive reading)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 165 British pounds
  • Online via zoom

Service Description

This session is created as an activation or re-alignment for you and your business! This is a full 90-minute session including business coaching, intuitive guidance, and a 30-minute energy activation/attunement (If you would rather just 90-minute intuitive coaching we can do this too) These sessions are incredibly powerful for: -Gaining clarity or direction on a situation or next steps in your business -Exploring any mis-alignments within your business, and/or finding your alignment -Any fine-tuning in your offers or direction in your business -Getting support or guidance either intuitively, energetically or in a coaching/strategy capacity As well as the energy healing itself which can help with: -Increasing your vibration -Recalibrating/attuning you to a Higher Frequency -To clear lower vibrational emotions or energy from your field (either yours or from others) -To activate your Higher Self/bring your Soul back into your body (great if you have been feeling out of sorts) -Reboot and balance your nervous system -To increase your Spiritual connection (and to your guides) -Open up your body to abundance or other energies you wish to call in -To activate your body’s self-healing response if you are suffering from any illness or injury -To integrate or ground more into your body We will begin the session on Zoom, this is a chance to speak about your intention a bit more, and for me to tune into your energy for guidance. We will then leave zoom and begin the 30 minute remote energy healing and activation (We can spend longer or shorter on this depending on your intention) During the healing, you just need to simply lay down in the comfort of your own home and just receive the healing. For some that is a lot of energetic sensations, for others that may be emotions arising, and for others it is simply falling asleep or into what feels quite a trancy state ... there is no one-size-fits-all experience of the healing ... everybody is different! Once the healing has finished we will join back to the zoom call, I will share any intuitive guidance that came through from the healing, or your Spirit Guides & Higher Self (these are optional) and the remainder of the time together is for us to explore your intention further, to help you gain more clarity on your situation from a higher perspective and vibration and/or from a coaching capacity For any questions please email me or send me a DM on Instagram @sarah.louise.sutton or

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