Synergy is my 4-month programme taking a small group of women on an inner journey, from feeling overwhelmed and lost with their future path, through to feeling full of clarity, vision and connection to themselves, their life and purpose.

You are so important, I want nothing more than see you step into your true power, to receive clarity and a vision of who you are and your path and purpose which with my energy, the tools I used for myself and my personal experience I know I can guide you through this journey. 


When you are in a place of knowing exactly who you are, like DEEP within you, when you have a clear vision of what you want in your life, when you have visualised it over and over again so it is engrained as your future, when you know your next steps and you finally know exactly why you are here …. it creates a whole new way of living. Not only does the clarity and feeling of being unapologetically yourself give you more presence, more gratitude, more connection and more joy in your present life but knowing what you want to do, your purpose and your future vision gives you more contentment in your current job, even if you have to stay there for a bit longer until your new journey is actioned, it gives you more peace, more trust, and it removes all those feelings of you are wasting life, or you don’t know what you are doing with your life, like time is running out, or that you are achieving nothing of meaning and purpose. I know all these feelings too well because this was my journey also, and I have seen many others through the same. The journey of stepping into your true power ... and wowser it's one hell of a beautiful journey.


I have created this programme, because through discovery calls for my signature programme Unearth, Connect & Create I have seen many women who want to start a business or side business or a new project, but they don’t know what yet, or maybe they have a few ideas but they just aren’t sure, and from this I felt a huge calling to help those women discover their purpose and passion, and that involves unearthing themselves first.

This programme is very much the first step to creating your new life. You will complete this programme with set goals, with a clear vision, clarity and with a new sense of self, who you are and where you are heading, and I am both honoured and excited to be in a place where I can deliver this.
This is a small group programme to ensure you are all held, given space to blossom and to make sure each gets the most out of the programme as possible.

This programme is a 4-month programme, with a group call every 2 weeks, you will have workbooks to work through in between the sessions with daily prompts and exercises to work on in your own time. In the calls we will then discuss our insights, have discussions on the topic that week and we will hold each other accountable for the programme and our goals. Something insanely MAGICAL happens when women take this journey together, and I cannot wait to hold the space for this unfolding to occur.


What will you gain from my programme?


Connection with yourself physically and energetically

Connect back to your values, and removing those that are holding you back from others 

  • How to get the most out of your cycles and how to use them to create clarity, insights and abundance of creativity 

The importance of energy and how you can use it to get the most out of yourself

What type of work you should be doing based on your values

Unearth your hidden talents and what you can use and utilise in your future 

Learn the importance of beliefs and remove those that are no longer serving you 

  • Get a clear vision of your future and create a vision board to keep you aligned and inspired

Learn how to manifest this new life, and your future self 

  • Create clear actionable goals towards this future

Accountability, love and support from myself and those in the group

A safe space free of judgement to hold you into blossoming into the unapologetic you

Ok, I am interested ... what now? 

Synergy will be running at set times, with the current enrollment for January 2020, but first of all, let’s speak with a FREE discovery call which you can book instantly online with the button below. No-strings-attached, This is just a casual conversation between us and I can give you some guidance for where you are at currently.

Change doesn’t happen without change, and change starts within! I waited a long time to actually do something about how I felt, and the minute I made that decision my life changed. 


All my love. 




Why me? 

4 years ago, I was a completely different version of myself, in fact I couldn’t have been more opposite. I had so much negativity in my thoughts and therefore in my life, I had NO idea what I wanted to do in my life I just knew what I was doing, wasn’t it, I knew that on SUCH A DEEP LEVEL. I knew life should have meant more than it did, and one day I decided to believe in that thought enough to change my life, and I did.

I went on a trip to Bali and that is where my life began to change, I did so many courses, I did SO MUCH inner work and I put myself and my life before anything. I wind forward to now, I have 2 businesses, I now live in Bali and maybe the most important part of all …. I feel joy on the most insanely profound level. I didn’t know I didn’t know myself back then, infact I would have said I knew myself, but as the saying goes -  you don’t know what you don’t know, and ultimately if you are not happy, then you are missing a connection to yourself and your life and purpose and that is exactly what my programme is to help you rediscover. Through my own experiences, through my own setbacks and lessons, through all the courses and programmes I have personally done, and with my love, heart and soul I will guide you home to yourself, to feel what it feels like to know yourself and where you are heading, AND create a plan to get there. 

Sarah is so bright, full of life. She's super supportive, holds you accountable, & listens with intention to help you. She combines the smarts of business with positive, spiritual practices so you can work with your whole vision.

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