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A bridge to your
 Higher Self

Hi Beautiful

Welcome to my world! I'm Sarah, an Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Mentor, and Host of The ExpandHer Podcast

I help my clients to radically uplevel their vibration and energetics, to step into their Higher Selves and Purpose, and ultimately transform their life and/or business

Whether it is through my remote energy healings, Spiritual readings, my 6-month Mentorship, or my Reiki and Energy Healing certifications, I help my clients and students to completely transform their inner world, which as we all know is where the external shifts start.

And, for the entrepreneurs, the business owners or the freelancers, I also have 7 years of previous experience working in business development, brand management, and operations for top fashion brands ... So, in my world, we really do get to work from the cosmic and Soul level, as well as the grounded, strategic level.

Whether it is something more practical, more strategic, or action-orientated, or something completely energetic, mindset, or frequency based, it would be an honour to support you. 

Whether you are here for a little peek, to listen to my podcast, to download some free tools or to explore working together, and maybe even learn to do this work for yourself and others - I am so happy you are here.

From my heart to yours ... I am sending you so much love! 


Elevate your Energy
Elevate your



I haven't always been on this path, in fact quite the opposite! Find out more about my personal journey from being a stuck, angry 26-year-old, working a 9-5 office job in London in the Fashion industry, to Living in Bali with the dream business, being in service and actually changing people's lives, doing work that feels so good it truly makes me emotional to think about .... 

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