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Step into your full potential 

Hi beautiful, I'm Sarah, a Life & Business Mentor & Energy Healer. We all hold an unbelievable power inside of us, and I believe that when you unearth this power, you really are capable of achieving and creating the purposeful life you dream of AND MORE!


Do you have a pain inside of you, the knowing that you aren't living to your full potential? It is a voice that just keeps screaming ‘life shouldn’t be like this’. You know deep down that working long hours & being stressed for somebody else’s dream or purpose probably isn’t living to your potential, but yet you haven’t done anything about it because you don’t believe it's possible for you or you don't know where to even start?


I can help you tap into this power & transform your life ...  My sessions & programmes have been created to help guide you simply, lovingly and without overwhelm into stepping into the powerful & purposeful life you are here to live!

Work with me ....


A bit about my story ...I remember being in those dark places like they were yesterday, and actually they were only a few years ago. After 7 years of working in the fashion industry I now live between Bali and the UK, with 2 successful businesses Inspirit Collective my yoga clothing brand and my coaching business. I have learnt a lot on my journey, a lot through trial and error, courses, education and also from all the incredible people that have walked in-front of me, and I now have 3 different coaching programmes to help you do the same. 

Tools to get you started ... If you aren’t sure you are ready to work with me 1:1 quite yet, that is ok … take it one step at a time. My Free your flow tools are perfect for you to start this journey! My FREE 30-day journaling challenge will get you started on understanding a bit more about yourself and your direction, my FREE goal planner helps you turn goals into plans, OR my self-practice yoga e-guide to help you start connecting back in with you, your body & your intuition!

What you are not changing, you are choosing. I have been there waiting for ‘something better to come along’ because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I waited around 5 years before realising if you want change, you have to create the change, put the energy in and take action yourself ... otherwise, life will quite literally pass you by. 

I found out my calling, and that was the biggest achievement for me. I was really stuck about what I should do to feel satisfied in life. 

I feel more self-worth, I became more confident in who I am. I am not hiding my truths anymore.

I became less stressed about the future. I have a stronger feeling of abundance since I started working with you. You are on my gratitude list.

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