Working with Energy and your Higher Self to build your most Purposeful, Expansive, Magnetic & Aligned life and Business

The art of Soul
led Living 

Hi beautiful

Welcome! I'm Sarah, an International Spiritual & Business Coach, Healer, Intuitive, & Host of The ExpandHer Podcast

I work with current (and those wanting to be) Entrepenurs, Solopreneurs, and Personal Brand owners on stepping into and expanding into their Higher Selves, their Highest Potential and ultimately their Soul's mission and Purpose, through working with Energy, Vibration, Spirit and Strategy.

As a Coach, Intuitive, & Energy healer, I weave together the practical & tangible aspects of business strategy & life, with the magic of manifesting, energetics and Spirit, creating what can only be described as truly magical transformations, and huge expansion in my client's lives and/or businesses 

'I weave together the practical & tangible with the magic of manifesting, energetics & spirit'

I’m not a regular business coach.

Although strategy, automations and systems are a big part of my work (my background in fashion was in this area), as an Intuitive and a Healer also, what makes me different is at the base of my work is energy, frequency and Spirit, and not just in understanding and the daily practice of working with and connecting to these aspects, but also actually physically shifting energy through the energy healings that come at the end of each session

I deeply believe if you expand your Energy, you WILL expand your life & business

Energy and energetics can single handedly (and often is) the difference between success, and no success. The difference between confidence, and no confidence. The difference between magnetism and no magnetism. Even after just a 30 minute healing insane shifts can (and regularly) occur in my clients lives: new clients, huge financial opportunities or success, new partners, finding the dream home, new perspectives, surrender and trust like never before .... honestly the shifts that occur blow my mind
And that’s just in one 30 minute healing … Let alone my 4 or 5 month containers


So, whether it’s discovering and aligning to your purpose & Soul mission,  attuning to your Highest Self, becoming magnetic, mastering your emotions and vibration, receiving success & abundance, connecting to your intuitive gifts and opening your channel - it’s all energy, and it literally changes the game, ESPECIALLY in Business

If you want to learn about the 4 pillars of my work: Soul Alignment, Intuition, Action/Strategy and Energy, you can watch my FREE masterclass here all about my Soul Manifestation Method!

If you feel a resonance with me, I have multiple options to work with me: 

About me 


I haven't always been on this path, infact quite the opposite! Find out more about my personal journey from being a stuck, angry, judgemental 26-year-old, working a 9-5 office job in London in the Fashion industry, to Living in Bali with the dream business, being in service and actually changing peoples lives, working less than 20 hour weeks, having guidance, intuition and magic on tap, and feeling what can only be described as ultimate freedom. 

Hear from some of my  clients:

This programme has helped me to discover my purpose, believe in myself, find my voice, find my tribe, clear blockages, create a soul-fulfiling DREAM business, step into my power. This programme has helped me to create my 4-month healing programme that has already been doing its magic with the beautiful women that are on the journey. It's just magical. This is the greatest gift, my own programme. It's wild how amazing and how in touch with it I feel. It's been beyond transformational, I don't really have the words!


I’ve never felt soooooo clear in terms of my purpose and I’m so stress free in terms of just going with the flow and trusting the process. I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude and so excited for the future something I haven’t felt in a very long time. It’s crazy how everything works out and if none of this madness in the world happened i wouldn’t be here right now because I wouldn’t have gotten in a really bad place and then reached out to you so I’m just so grateful it has all lead to this point and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done I seriously feel like a different person ❤️❤️


It has completely changed my life, I feel like myself again but so much clearer and just pure joy! I love tapping into my higher self and guides daily and the magic that comes with all of that. I also know that I want to start my own business and would have just been way too scared to before!


I found out my calling, and that was the biggest achievement for me. I was really stuck about what I should do to feel satisfied in life. 

I feel more self-worth, I became more confident in who I am. I am not hiding my truths anymore.

I became less stressed about the future. I have a stronger feeling of abundance since I started working with you. You are on my gratitude list.


The power of everything we have done in this programme has been unimaginable. It has changed my life is ways I couldn't have imagined.Sarah, I don't really have the words for how grateful I am for our time together, I speak about it all the time and how amazing you are. Thank you so much for being you, thank you so much for always supporting in me, believing in me, and being on this journey with me. You've truly TRULY been the best guide I could have ever hoped for - through our time together, you've shown me my areas of strength, my areas of unconsciousness, and the amount of healing that has been done in this time. Is, a miracle. I'm just so grateful


I did some coaching with this incredible woman to help me find my purpose and yeh she's amazing and just SOOO magical and loving and I'm incredibly grateful I invested in myself she's taught me soooooo much!

I can honestly say I have upleveled, no sky rocketed into my purpose and my higher self is doing some crazy happy dance all the freaking time!