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My Story 

Hi beautiful


It was only 2017 when I left my Brand Manger role at a top fashion brand in London. My job was stressful, I was working STUPID long hours and traveling over 2 hours a day there and back. By the time I was getting home, I would be going straight to bed to do the same the next day. My weekends were predominantly me sleeping because I was super tired, and if I am being honest … I preferred being asleep and having lovely dreams rather than being awake and in my reality.


In hindsight, my reality wasn’t bad, right? I had a lovely place to live, I had friends, a wonderful upbringing, and my job was a job a lot of girls would die for. I just had this deep knowing that this way of life, what society said was what we have to do -  wasn’t normal ... 

It wasn’t normal to have the fear all day Sunday for going back to work on Monday, the fear on Saturday because you knew Sunday you would have the fear, and this is how it would be until I was 65 … WHAT! I knew that living for work and not much else was NOT why we were put on this planet.


I had no hobbies, no beliefs, no real dreams or desires or any idea what my ‘purpose’ was. I tried out new career paths and tried new things regularly, all trying to find that 'thing' that I was here to do ... but nothing ever stuck. When I landed in the fashion industry, I was good at what I did, and so even though I would regularly think about changing careers again, I essentially became stuck where I was, climbing the ladder in fashion, trying to get the next title or pay bracket … because that was just what everyone did right ... no questions asked ...

I was a mixture of very angry, very miserable, very sad and highly anxious with an inability to switch off from the millions of thoughts I had … basically a terrible mixture ... and now I know what I know, my Nervous System hadn't been regulated in years!


Then at Christmas time 2014, my dad passed away after a very long and painful battle with cancer. I would love to say that my dad passing away was the instant push into a different lifestyle that I needed, but actually, as much as I promised myself I would change my lifestyle, and as much as I promised myself I would learn from my dad and would never prioritise work over health ... I did the opposite.

Within a month I dived even more into work than before ... I didn't really deal with the loss of my dad, because I simply didn't know how to. Everything I wasn't allowing myself to feel just got stored under an imaginary carpet along with a whole load of other suppressed emotions. 


It was the year later, around the one year anniversary of my dad's passing that it hit me - I had changed absolutely nothing. I don’t know whether it was my dads anniversary that was a catalyst, or just maybe it had been yet ANOTHER year of me hoping something would just magically pop up and solve my issues (which obviously doesn’t happen), but this year and in that moment it was different. I was determined, and for some reason, I started to believe that I deserved better. I started slowly making some small changes like exercise and my health … followed by starting yoga, which is when things started to really shift. 

About 9 months later I went to book a solo yoga retreat, but as I was looking for somewhere to go, an advert popped up for a yoga teacher training in Bali. This was the first time my intuition took control. It didn't make logical sense, I didn't want to teach yoga, but yet days later I found myself walking into my director's office. 


I quit my job.


and 3 months later I landed in Bali. 


It seems drastic like I had an ‘Eat, Pray Love’ moment and I guess I did along with thousands of others that end up in Bali. They say Bali calls you when you are ready for change and healing, and that’s the only way I can describe it too.


Four months, a yoga teacher training, and a spiritual awakening later, I had the clarity, determination and energy to create a business to allow me ultimate freedom, to be able to live in Bali when I wanted … or anywhere in the world for that matter. I had met so many people who had created that life in Bali … why couldn’t I? 


And so I did.


Within 3 months of returning back in the UK, I had created Inspirit Collective my yoga apparel brand.


It was then the next year I enrolled in a year long training with IIN - the leading health and wellness coaching school, because I had the desire to start helping others shift their life around, and health and wellness is where my journey started. 

Not long after living in Bali and starting my health coaching business, it became clear that my experience in fashion with business development and strategy, and the amount I had taught myself creating both businesses was something that really helped people and came very naturally to me ... This is where the next evolution of my business started ... Business mentorship. 

From that moment, my business has evolved and expanded immensely (as I have).

After a huge activation of my Intuitive and Healing gifts which is a whole story in itself (you can actually hear more about this in my first episode of my podcast), I started adding energy healings and working with Spirit Guides into all my sessions (even business coaching), as well as everything in my work becoming all based around energy and the Soul. It wasn't long before I realised that my work was activating others' Soul and intuitive gifts ... and that is something that lights me up more than words can describe. 


My business, my offers, my brand, and myself, are always guided by my intuition and my Soul. When I am guided in a new direction, when something comes through to me, that is where I follow ... whether it makes logical sense to me or not, and that is honestly how I am here today with the business I have ... not one thing has been created by my mind or logic ... it has all been led by my intuition and Soul ... all since that very moment of booking onto that yoga teacher training ...  and that is how we create a purposeful life.

We don't step into our Purpose and highest potential by following logic, we do by following our intuition and our Soul's voice ... and that is something you absolutely have guiding you at all times too. 

And so here I am 7 years later from that moment of quitting my job and going to Bali. I have no doubt my business and offers will continue to evolve as I do, and if my courses, my sessions, my meditations, my podcast, or even my social media can in some way support your journey ... then it is truly an honour. Thank you so much for being here, in whatever capacity that may be, and I hope that this story has in some way inspired you ... because one thing I know for sure, I had NO idea this kind of life, purpose, gifts, happiness was possible, and yet here I am :) 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here ... 


All my love 





My Training 



I am a graduate of the well-recognised and renowned IIN, where I learned innovative coaching methods, and practical lifestyle management techniques as well as covering the areas of relationships, career, spirituality, and movement and integrative nutrition (in-depth). I am an affiliate of the school, so if you are thinking about enrolling, please get in touch, I have a link that provides huge discount and extra benefits upon signing up.

Energy healing 


Reiki Master Teacher Certified.

I also work with another healing energy I am able to channel and can access. This energy and gift is something my Great Gran used to work with as a Channel for Spirit Guides, Medium and Hands on Healer. I am truly grateful to know exactly where this comes from, and that it was actually practiced in my lineage at a time of great secrecy with this sort of work, but please know I do believe everyone has the ability to tap into Intuitive gifts whether aware of their history or not! 


I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Power Of Now Oasis studio in Sanur, Bali in 2017 with the beautiful teacher Judit Varga. The Power of Now Oasis is a accredited school with Yoga Alliance. 


Certified and accredited EFT & TFT practitioner 

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