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My Story 

Hi beautiful


I wasn’t born an intuitive (well apart from the innate ability we all have) … I wasn’t connecting to Spirit at a young age like you so often hear about, I wasn’t even into any of this world of personal growth, inner healing and spiritual development until 2017! This was the year that my world changed (it was also my Saturn return may I add).

In 2016 I was working as a Brand manager in the fashion industry in an office in London, I was commuting 2 hours a day in and out of London, and to say that I was a deeply unhappy person feels like an understatement. I had no joy, no passion, my dad had passed away from a long battle of cancer the year before, I hated what felt like an empty job with no purpose, I was an anxious and angry mess with a highly stressful role, I was leaving home at 7am each morning and arriving home around 9pm each night (that was just from being at the office). My mind would never stop, it was truly unbearable, and now I just have so much compassion for this version of me who had no information on what was wrong or how to fix it.


At the end of 2016 I was intending to book a yoga retreat to try and help myself out of the space I was in, but in my search for a retreat, an advert came up for a yoga teacher training in Bali, and this was the first time that I remember having such an intuitive knowing that I had to do something.


Saying yes to the training meant I would have to quit my ‘very good job’, and fly across the world on my own … and that was a stupid thing to do right? But I knew I had to do it. So I did.


Bali was the catalyst to it all for me. It opened my eyes to what was out there. I had never even heard of, or was aware of ‘inner work’ or even energy until this point, I had no idea that feeling happier, less anxious, and enjoying life was something that could be cultivated by mindset, practices and devotion. This was also the time I got exposed very closely to some people who channeled Spirit. As much as my (very strong) analytical and skeptical mind was saying 'no this isn’t true', my body had never felt more calm, and I had never experienced such a knowing of truth.

It was also the first time I was made aware that people could work remotely and live anywhere in the world - this concept was also so foreign to me, and it was something that felt so crazy, yet (and if you’ve ever been to Bali you’ll know), it’s something that so many people were doing while living there. 


After 4 months in Bali I went back to the U.K, I made a vision board to move to Bali and to work remotely.

I worked full time, while doing a year long certification with IIN - one of the top coaching schools out there, and I was also setting up my first business which was my yoga clothing brand. This time was also so personally potent as I went ALL IN on my mindset, and on own personal practices, and this was the year I evolved from the inside out.


It was 18 months later I moved to Bali, first with a freelance consulting role to help support me while I was building two businesses at the same time (my clothing brand and my coaching business - and PS no, I don’t advise trying to start two at the same time 😉).


From there my business kept evolving at a rate I could barely keep up at. What started as life coaching and health coaching, quickly became spiritual life and business coaching (this is where I was combining coaching with my years of experience for top brands, including being quite a nerd with creating systems, processes, automations and planning).

There was a big inner shift happening during this time too, as my own personal journey really transitioned from being a journey of the mind and personal development, to a journey of the Soul.

It was at this time, I became obsessed with wanting to follow my Soul's path, I no longer wanted to dictate what I (aka my mind and ego) wanted, I decided I wanted to be led to where I was meant to be and my most aligned path. From this moment, I have followed my intuition and higher guidance with every step I've taken, both in business and in life.


It was also around this time some crazy experiences started happening in my meditations (the centre of my hands would be BURNING hot), I then received intuitive guidance to explore this more, and that is how I was led to Reiki ... Something I had never thought of doing or had been drawn to before.


I did Reiki level 1 and then 6 months later Reiki level 2 as development for myself only, but the impact that my friends and family were having from the healings was so much more than what coaching sessions were able to do on their own … and this is where my absolute obsession with energy work started.


I was then working with a mentor and healer to help me activate and enhance my intuitive and healing gifts more (which we all have FYI) … and this is when my channel to Spirit opened, and messages were starting to come through from my Spirit Guides. It wasn’t long before messages started coming through for clients too.


My business and work has just continued building since then, which was around the beginning of 2020. Every single shift, creation or pivot in my business including doing my Reiki Master Teacher and launching the Inspirit School of Energy, has been completely intuitively led and utterly divine. I even received a message of creating a school years before I ended up doing it, with absolutely NO idea what that could even be for (you can listen to that story here).


What my journey has taught me, starting from that first intuitive moment of just knowing I needed to go to Bali, is that we are always guided to our highest path, there is no doubt. We are always guided step by step, even if there is no vision or clarity, and sometimes you have no idea what you’re aiming for, but there is guidance there for you on the next step, and where those steps lead is always so much more magical and divine than what the mind could EVER think of.


The amount of purpose I feel now is beyond something I could have imagined. That’s not saying the journey of healing, having, and growing a business isn’t hard (wow, it is, and I’ve learned a lot), but the peace, the joy, the constant awe of this work, the ability to return to my centre no matter what, the knowing of who I am and what I am here to do, hearing from my clients and students so regularly how I have changed THEIR life with this work  …. it just makes the hard times before I went to Bali feel better somehow, almost like how I was feeling was in it’s own way guidance, telling me there was more to life, more in life, and more point to it all … that’s why it hurt so much.


I am truly so incredibly happy I listened to my intuition that day (and every day since). Without a doubt it is the sole reason I am where I am today, feeling the way I feel, with the life I have, the clients and community I have, and the work I do.


My approach to this work is of course cosmic, and magical, however, it is still incredibly grounded. It’s my belief and experience that to really integrate and see the benefit of this work in real life (not just while you’re meditating), there needs to be the practical steps and tangible shifts, as well the energetic, the spiritual and the cosmic.


If you feel a resonance with me, my story and the work that I do, and you feel like you would love to work with me, I invite you to see my current offerings here, or if you’re not sure what would be best for you, please just get in touch through Instagram here, or email here.  If working together isn’t available for you right now, I also have a range of free tools including my podcast to support you on your journey .. it’s my hope and intention no matter where you are on your journey, I am able to support you.


Thank you for being here and reading my story … I am sending you so much love 🤍


All my love 





My Training 



I am a graduate of the well-recognised and renowned IIN, where I learned innovative coaching methods, and practical lifestyle management techniques as well as covering the areas of relationships, career, spirituality, and movement and integrative nutrition (in-depth). I am an affiliate of the school, so if you are thinking about enrolling, please get in touch, I have a link that provides huge discount and extra benefits upon signing up.

Energy healing 


Reiki Master Teacher Certified.

I also work with another healing energy I am able to channel and can access. This energy and gift is something my Great Gran used to work with as a Channel for Spirit Guides, Medium and Hands on Healer. I am truly grateful to know exactly where this comes from, and that it was actually practiced in my lineage at a time of great secrecy with this sort of work, but please know I do believe everyone has the ability to tap into Intuitive gifts whether aware of their history or not! 


I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Power Of Now Oasis studio in Sanur, Bali in 2017 with the beautiful teacher Judit Varga. The Power of Now Oasis is a accredited school with Yoga Alliance. 


Certified and accredited EFT & TFT practitioner 

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