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Soul Activation sessions

Single Activation Sessions

Choose between 45 or 90-minute sessions depending on what it is you are craving right now

These sessions are a woven mixture of Energy Healing, Intuitive reading, and channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, and in the 90-minute sessions, there is also time dedicated for speaking through and exploring your intention or what it is you are moving through, whether intuitively or in a coaching/strategy capacity, bringing you the perfect mixture of energetic and tangible, practical guidance and activation 

These sessions have been birthed to activate and calibrate you to your Higher Self and highest frequency, increase your vibration, regulate your nervous system, and bring clarity, alignment and power back into your being


Whichever you chose, these sessions have been the catalyst for INCREDIBLE shifts to occur in my clients lives: new clients, huge financial opportunities or success, new partners, finding the dream home, new perspectives, surrender and trust like never before .... honestly the shifts that can (and regularly do) come from these sessions are always blowing my mind!

Sessions are always led by your intentions, and so each session is truly unique, and I deeply trust that you will always receive exactly what your Higher Self needs 

For the details on the sessions you can find out more by clicking on each option below. 

You can also find some FAQ about the healings and testimonials further down this page 


Energy directly affects your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your situations, your vibration, your intuition and your reality. It literally is the base of everything!