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Soul sessions


Soul Activation & Alignment Sessions

These single sessions are perfect if you would love some clarity, to feel lighter and clearer, to feel aligned back to your Soul's energy and power, to increase your frequency, and to receive a big activation in your life or business!

My sessions are a unique blend of:

  • A remote and potent Intuitive Energy Healing/Activation

  • A Spiritual Reading (I channel messages from your Spirit Guides, as well as other intuitive guidance I receive). The messages that I share from your Spirit Guides help align, guide, activate and attune you back to your Soul ...

  • And in the 120-minute sessions, you would also receive 60-75 minutes intuitive coaching via Zoom. The coaching is extra potent because it is supported by the energy work we do, this means you make the shifts tangibly and practically, as well as on an energetic and spiritual level!


These sessions are extremely powerful for:


  • Feeling lighter, clearer and a much higher frequency (equaling lighter and happier emotions too)

  • More alignment to your Soul, your purpose and your authenticity

  • New higher and more loving perspectives for yourself and your life/situation

  • Having clarity and next steps moving forward

  • Feeling relaxed, grounded, rebalanced and regulating the Nervous System

  • Feeling surrendered and open to your Soul’s path

  • Opening up and expanding spiritually and intuitively

  • Releasing and clearing negative energies or blocks from the body

  • And, in the Soul Business sessions, you can also expect clarity on your business alignment, new strategy, direction or new processes to implement, and overall big upgrades for you and your business!

There is so much power and potency in these single sessions because we are working with energy and vibration ... and when you work with energy - EVERYTHING can shift instantly. As well as huge emotional and energetic shifts occurring, I see time and time again enormous physical shifts for my clients too (when the inner shifts, the outer has to match). It is common for my clients to receive new clients/financial opportunities showing up effortlessly after, instant success and opportunities in their work, new relationship opportunities, intuitive gifts opening up, finding the dream home/other manifestations instantly arriving, and of course, I have witnessed some incredible physical healing occur too. I am just forever in awe of the impact one session can have when you are working in the world of energy and Soul alignment!

Sessions are always led by your intentions, and so each session is truly unique, and of course always exactly what your Higher Self needs.


Choose between a 45-minute Soul Alignment session, a 120-minute Soul Activation session, or a 120-minute Business Activation session. Find out more on each below.


(You can also find some FAQ about the healings and testimonials further down this page)


Energy directly affects your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your situations, your vibration, your intuition and your reality. It literally is the base of everything!
Delicate Fabric
Elevate your energy, elevate your life
  • Who is this for?
    This is for you if you know what business you want to create (if you are struggling to get clarity here, refer to my other offers) You are dedicated and serious about creating your dream business You can hold yourself accountable if given the guidance and how-to knowledge (if not please contact me for availability with 1:1’s) You are ready to start living in purpose
  • What would the 1:1 sessions include in the VIP option?
    The sessions are 1hr 45 minutes long, and include intuitive coaching, guidance, a tarot reading, as well as an energy healing. The coaching portion can be around business strategy, or it can be around energetics, beliefs or intuition and guidance - it really is what you need it to be. The energy healing portion can also be either for emotional, energetic or physical healing, or my sessions are incredibly powerful for activating your Higher Self and increasing your Vibration. Again it depends what it is you need! If you are still not sure please get in touch and we discuss what it is you are looking for!
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    You will have Lifetime access to the content!
  • Does this cover all businesses?
    No, this course is specifically for online service based businesses. This does not cover brick and morter businesses, nor product based online businesses. This course is perfectly suited for coaches, healers, astrologists, online VA's, yoga teachers, mentors, creative roles eg. website design or branding design, and similar roles! If you are not sure whether this is right for your business please get in touch and ask away!
  • Are there live calls?
    No. This course is purely prerecorded and self-paced. This means you can complete the course in your own time based on how much time you have available. There is the VIP option (depending on availability) of adding 3 x 1:1 sessions with me to have along side the course or afterwards. This is a great way of getting my eyes (and intuition) on your business without the investment of my full 1:1 programs
  • How do I know if it is right for me?
    Feel it in your body. Does this feel expansive or contractive? Your body knows the answer. If you are struggling to make the decision please reach out via instagram or email and ask away any questions!
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