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Unlock and uplevel your intuition, and connection to your Spirit Guides

This course will help you connect to your intuition and Spirit Guides like never before, giving you direct access to your Soul's guidance and alignment at all times - which I can assure you, you absolutely have the ability to do!! 

Opening up intuitively changed my life. Developing my intuition has taken me from a highly anxious person, always in my head and overthinking absolutely everything  … to now having instant access to peace, clarity, and constant direction to my alignment, purpose, and Soul’s gifts.


If you are looking for more alignment and a path devoted to your Soul and purpose like I was … your intuition is your vehicle and guiding star straight there.


Inside this course I am teaching and sharing with you everything that took me from where I was, to where I am today.


This course is not just a load of practices thrown at you to try.  This course is a grounded and structured framework to teach you exactly how I went from being a highly anxious over-thinker, to a clear channel for myself and others in under 6 months, and how you can integrate this work into your life too (and my clients have the same results). 

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Strengthen and expand your intuition and connection to your Soul, Spirit Guides, Angels and Spirit

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Learn how to channel your Spirit Guides and receive guidance, love, messages, energy upgrades, and support, to develop your journey to your purpose

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Amplify your Spiritual protection for a clean and clear energy field

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Learn how to read and get guidance from energy so you always know where your alignment is

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Learn how to enhance your intuition using Tarot or Oracle cards and get really accurate guidance using cards

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Increase your vibration by working with energy on a day to day basis with the BONUS course Vibrational Living

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Here is what we cover inside:




You will also learn how to master and increase your vibration on a day-to-day basis with the BONUS course Vibrational Living




Inside the Nervous System bonus module, you will also learn all about the Nervous System, and how it impacts your vibration and intuitive connection, and how to regulate yourself so your connection is clear and trust worthy




If you are already certified in Reiki, and you are interested in taking your energy healings to a whole new level alongside all the above, then all the information inside this course is also available within my


You will learn about both types of intuition including connecting to Spirit (whether that is your Higher Self/Soul, your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels or even a loved one that has passed over)

You will learn the foundational skills and tools for increasing your intuitive connection including game-changing practices for quietening the mind (most intuitive courses forget these vital skills)!

You will receive in-depth knowledge, awareness, practices and tools for opening and enhancing your four main intuitive channels: Your hearing channel (clairaudience), your seeing channel (clairvoyance), your feeling channel (clairsentience), and your knowing channel (claircognizance)

You will learn my most powerful and proven practice of channelling your Spirit Guides or your Higher Self

You will learn how to read energy and receive guidance within situations

You will learn the best ways to work with Oracle or Tarot cards as a tool of enhancing your intuition and receiving more accurate guidance (including my favourite spreads to use)

You will learn further protection practices to protect your energy (you receive the basics of energetic protection within the FREE BONUS course Vibrational Living)

You will learn the exact ritual and practice I use to amplify my connection to my own Spirit Guides and intuition

Elevate your energy
Align your

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Almost 6 hours of video trainings filled with everything I have learned on this journey (delivered in a structured and grounded way)

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The exact tools and practices that I used and still use (and that really do work!)

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60-page comprehensive handbook which includes all the content and all the practices and tools shared

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FREE bonus course Vibrational Living - to teach you how to master and increase your vibration on a day-to-day basis

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FREE bonus module on the Nervous System, where you will learn how to regulate your Nervous System to help you receive clearer intuition

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Optional energy healing (including Soul Reading & Guidance) - Hello major energetic upgrades!

You are surrounded by your Spirit Guides and Angels at all times, and as an energetic being yourself you can communicate and receive unconditional love, guidance, and support from them. I know a big reason I am here is to help you bridge that connection and help you open your channels to what I believe is the biggest gift that we can ever receive for ourselves.

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The Modules:


  • Foundations of intuition

  • Learning to quieten the mind

  • Increasing your frequency

  • Creating an intentional space


  • Intro to your four clair channels

  • Your clairaudient (hearing) channel (how it shows up and how to develop it) 

  • Your clairvoyant (seeing) channel (how it shows up and how to develop it)

  • Your clairsentience (feeling) channel (how it shows up and how to develop it)

  • Your claircognizant (knowing) channel (how it shows up and how to develop it)


  • Channeling your Spirit Guides & Higher Self

  • Receiving guidance through energy

  • Deeper intuitive and psychic protection 

  • Working with Tarot and Oracle to expand your intuition

  • BONUS video on choosing a deck and things to look out for 


  • The Nervous System

  • EFT practice for regulating your Nervous System 


  • RECAP: Energy fundamentals

  • RECAP: Why we work with energy

  • The energy of words

  • Energy in your environment

  • Energy with other People

  • The body's importance of energy

  • Infusing Soul energy 

  • Protecting your energy 

  • Cleansing your energy 

  • Moving through emotions using energy


My journey with intuition is probably slightly different to most intuitives and channels out there.

Although I was born with intuitive gifts (as were you), I was definitely not a physic or medium at a young age … in fact I went most my life without even knowing intuition and this connection to Spirit existed.


Being a channel, and intuitive was a skill I learned and practiced from scratch.


As soon as I learned we had access to guidance and support from Spirit (and experienced the life-changing potency of it via someone else), I knew I wanted to access it myself … and I knew I wanted to be able to get wisdom and guidance from a much Higher and wise place than my mind ….  The thought of being constantly guided by my Soul to live in my absolute purpose and alignment was without a doubt what I wanted, and maybe more importantly needed at that time.

On my journey of opening up intuitively, my biggest struggle was the intensity of my mind and thoughts, I could never tell what was intuition and what was my mind, purely because my mind was SO loud.


This is why in this course, I have included EVERYTHING I learned and practiced that has led me to where I am now working solely as an intuitive, channel and energy healer. I have included all the skills and practices to quieten the mind -because they were essential for me in my journey, and if you are similar with the noisiness of your mind - then working on both opening your channels AND quietening the mind will be absolutely key to you becoming the most intuitive version of yourself.

The way I teach and share this work is grounded, practical, and structured so that you do actually get a real framework to work with, but yet it is still full of magic, activations, and of course my own experiences. The way I share this work works ... and every single client I have worked with personally and shared these practices and tools with, has been able to connect and receive guidance, love and messages from their Spirit Guides, and I have no doubt it will do the same for you.

If you resonate with me, and it feels like a yes in your body, I hope you will join me in learning one of the greatest tools you could possibly learn on your journey .... 

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Hear from some of my clients:

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How would this feel:

To have a deeper understanding of all the ways intuition shows up for you, how it is guiding you, and open up to so much more of it!

To always know what direction your alignment and Soul's guidance is

To be able to access, connect to, and receive love, guidance and support from your Spirit Guides whenever you need to or want to

Be able to receive new (and higher) perspectives at all times

Have instant access to energy upgrades and be able to attune to your Higher Self (which happens every time you channel Spirit by the way)

To live a Soul and Spirit-led purposeful life



Buy now
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Purchase Individually:


  • Instant access to 6 hours of potent video trainings and practices for developing your intuition 

  • 60-page accompanying handbook including all the content + practices 

  • BONUS MODULE on The Nervous System including my unique tapping practice for regulation and healing

  • BONUS COURSE on Vibrational Living and mastering your energy



  • Who is this for?
    This is for you if you know what business you want to create (if you are struggling to get clarity here, refer to my other offers) You are dedicated and serious about creating your dream business You can hold yourself accountable if given the guidance and how-to knowledge (if not please contact me for availability with 1:1’s) You are ready to start living in purpose
  • What would the 1:1 sessions include in the VIP option?
    The sessions are 1hr 45 minutes long, and include intuitive coaching, guidance, a tarot reading, as well as an energy healing. The coaching portion can be around business strategy, or it can be around energetics, beliefs or intuition and guidance - it really is what you need it to be. The energy healing portion can also be either for emotional, energetic or physical healing, or my sessions are incredibly powerful for activating your Higher Self and increasing your Vibration. Again it depends what it is you need! If you are still not sure please get in touch and we discuss what it is you are looking for!
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    You will have Lifetime access to the content!
  • Does this cover all businesses?
    No, this course is specifically for online service based businesses. This does not cover brick and morter businesses, nor product based online businesses. This course is perfectly suited for coaches, healers, astrologists, online VA's, yoga teachers, mentors, creative roles eg. website design or branding design, and similar roles! If you are not sure whether this is right for your business please get in touch and ask away!
  • Are there live calls?
    No. This course is purely prerecorded and self-paced. This means you can complete the course in your own time based on how much time you have available. There is the VIP option (depending on availability) of adding 3 x 1:1 sessions with me to have along side the course or afterwards. This is a great way of getting my eyes (and intuition) on your business without the investment of my full 1:1 programs
  • How do I know if it is right for me?
    Feel it in your body. Does this feel expansive or contractive? Your body knows the answer. If you are struggling to make the decision please reach out via instagram or email and ask away any questions!
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Learn how to master and increase your vibration on a day-to-day basis



This course was created to give you practical tools and practices to incorporate into your day-to-day life, and to also bring you a new level of awareness to just how energy is affecting us (and what you can do about it).

This course is not part of the official course and is delivered separately as it's own course, but it is in my opinion the missing piece of learning to completely shift and elevate your energy and therefore your spiritual journey.

During this course, you will learn about how the following areas affect you vibrationally, and what you can do to improve them:


The words you speak

Your environment

Other people 

Your body

Infusing Soul-aligned energy  

And you will also learn:

How to protect your energy 

How to cleanse your energy 

and how to move through emotions and challenges whilst working with energy and vibration 

I truly believe that this course alone is enough to help you shift your energy, and transform your day-to-day life.


You will know at this point if this course is for you, you will feel it in your body and in your heart.

If however, you have some questions or you would like to discuss the course, please get in touch either through Instagram @sarah.louise.sutton or email

I would be honoured to help you make the right decision for you and your journey 

Sarah x 

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