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 Soul Business Academy is the fully comprehensive online course, taking you through a step by step process of building your Soul Aligned Business working with energy, intuition and of course strategy 

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Your business starts


22 training videos on strategy, energy & intuition

69 page guidebook taking you through it step by step

44 exercises including actions to take or journal prompts 

100+ journal prompts to guide you to your Soul's alignment

4 guided meditations to assist your journey and energy

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Would you like to:

Build a business aligned with your Soul

We all know that when we are energetically aligned to our truth, our Soul and our purpose that the success, abundance and joy pours in. In SBA the focus is on guiding you to build all the aspects of your offers and service based business in full alignment with YOU - so you are at your most magnetic!

Gain the know-how and confidence to run your business

Not only will I guide you to build all the foundations of your business, but you will learn a new way of looking at your marketing strategy, as well as learn how to have heart centered discovery calls and easeful launches, because it really doesn't have to be hard or icky ... I promise!

Step into a whole new version of you

Creating a successful business requires an inner transformation too,  you will learn how to upgrade your beliefs working with energy and the nervous system, as well as upgrading your frequency, mastering your energy and embodying your Highest Self!

Become magnetic and Soul led in your business

You are so divinely supported to be in your purpose, and you are at all times given the guidance on how to get there from your guides, your angels and of course your Soul! Learn how to deepen your connection to your intuition and your Soul's guidance so you are following the voice that knows exactly where you are meant to be!

This isn't just another online business course 

This isn't just another build-a-business course. Yes, you will learn how to do this, but this is a course on building a business in alignment with you. In alignment with your purpose, who you are, what you are, and what you are here to do - it is here that you become a magnet to the success and abundance you deserve

The other unique aspect to this course is the workbook included filled with practices, tools and prompts to work through alongside the trainings.  It is only when we actually do the work, both internally and externally that change and expansion happens, and businesses get built! Just listening to the trainings and information alone is great, but it won't make things happen tangibly unless action is taken.

It is like having me in your back pocket telling you what to do next each step of the way

I don’t know any other courses that have this  (and gosh I have done A LOT)!

P.S and with the VIP option you can actually have 3 x private online sessions with me for some serious expansion!

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"Sarah's Create Academy course has so much value. I seriously loved all the new insights I gained on being intentional in your business, truly showing up in your highest power and with the best energy, and following your intuition to truly do something aligned. I would recommend it to everyone! Beginners, this is a fantastic place to start- and even if you are an experienced coach, you will only gain insight - and of course, be so privileged to learn from the lovely, powerful light that Sarah is. "
-Create Academy client

Course overview by Module
Module 1
Energy foundations 

To start we will explore the fundamentals of energy and vibration and your Soul, and we jump straight into your Brand message

Module 4
Master your automations & your energy

This module is all about mastering your vibration and creating automations in your business so you have 0 admin days!

Module 2
Creating aligned offers

In this module we explore creating your service offerings, programs or packages, as well as your pricing, all by working with alignment, intuition and your inner guidance!

Module 5
Launch & Sell with heart, Soul & Confidence

In this module you will learn the launch process, how to hold beautiful and loving (and successful) discovery calls, and upgrade your beliefs with my unique method

Module 3
Marketing that works for you

Here we dive straight into marketing including the customer journey, what content each stage requires, creating an aligned marketing strategy, the energy behind marketing, creating content, visual branding and creating a lead magnet 

Module 6
Become the ultimate magnet


In this final module I go through all things website and becoming magnetic through my Soul Manifestation Method

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"I have been able to achieve amazing things in my business, including launching and booking out a full group program, which has allowed me to evolve and grow as a person and as a business owner, all with the soul guidance and innate wisdom Sarah gave me"
This is for you if:

  • You want to build an online service based business working with alignment and energy as well as strategy!

  • You have something you are here to share with the world

  • You crave more freedom in your life, financially, locationally and energetically

  • You already know the importance of energy when it comes to the success of your business

  • You have maybe tried other courses and you feel there is something you are missing, or You feel like you haven’t quite found alignment in your business yet

  • You are either at the very beginning stage of your business or you have some foundations already

  • You have an online coaching/healing/teaching or creative service

  • You love energy, intuition, guides, angels and Source/Universe as much as me :) 

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 You are completely unique
Nobody else is like you. It is when you own that, you come back to that, you honour that, and build your business around that - that you are going to feel in purpose, in joy, and magnetic to your SOUL ALIGNED clients
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"For my business, Sarah has guided me through my fears and all the online work I didn’t even know I could do. She gave me so much power to create my dream business through her knowledge and many worksheets (which I loved!!!)"

Explore module by module:
Your guide throughout:

I am Sarah, a Spiritual & Business coach, intuitive and energy healer. I weave the power of energy, intuition, the law of attraction and magnetism into the details and strategy of building a business.


With a background of operations, strategy & business development all within fashion in London, and after building my own Yoga Apparel brand Inspirit Collective, and my own successful coaching business that has allowed me to move to Bali, I have truly combined all of this knowledge, my own trial and errors and my heart into this online course with so much intention - to help you FINALLY get your feet off the ground and begin this incredible journey of living truly in your soul’s purpose! 

It is my pure intention to guide you easily, without overwhlem into creating the business your Soul came here to have!

  • Align with what exactly it is you do in your business and who you do it for

  • Create your first program or package

  • Connect to and understand your intuition like never before

  • Create an aligned overall marketing strategy working with the different stages of a customers journey

  • Create an instagram strategy that works for you!

  • How to master your energy and vibration

  • Create a content plan which means you will never run out of ideas for content

  • Learn the importance and basics of visual branding

  • My unique method on upgrading your beliefs and imposter syndrome 

  • How to automate your business so you have even more freedom

  • Launch your offers into the world with ease and grace - and success!

  • How to have heart centered discovery calls without any icky sales tactics

  • Become magnetic AF with my Soul manifestation method

  • And soooo much more

In this self-paced course you will learn how to with ease and Soul:
This programme has helped me to create my 4-month healing programme that has already been doing it's magic with the beautiful women that are on the journey. It's just magical. This is the greatest gift, my own programme.

22 training videos on strategy, energy & intuition

70 page guidebook taking you through it step by step

44 exercises including actions to take or journal prompts 

100+ journal prompts to guide you to your Soul's alignment

4 guided meditations to assist your journey and energy

What is included:
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