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No more playing small

Activate your Higher Self and Purpose and learn how to live a Soul led life in this 6 module self-paced online course

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Do you feel like you are playing small?

Do you feel
deflated by life or even defeated?

Do you have goals and ideas without the
confidence to go after them?

Do you seek more

Do you know DEEP DOWN you are here for


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Here's the thing

Your Soul / Higher Self knows exactly what you should be doing, and what is going to make you the happiest most fulfilled version of YOU, and let me tell you, it is so much bigger and better than you could imagine

And your Soul knows exactly how to get you there

Your Soul is supported in every way to live in purpose 

Your Soul holds your unique codes, wisdom and frequency that you are here to share with the world 

Your Soul is tapped into everything and everyone, providing you with guidance that will lead you to synchronicities, magic and awe on a daily basis

Basically, your Soul is ABSOLUTELY who you want in the driving seat of your life, not your mind.

Soul CODES is not a step by step process how to create a perfect life

Soul CODES is a transmission and journey to connect you to the most intelligent and wisest, most magnetic, abundant part of you ... your Soul

Your Soul will then lead you to the life that your Soul knows you deserve



Your Soul knows exactly where you're going


What can Soul CODES do for you:

 you to your Soul's alignment and Purpose

 you to your uniqueness and truth so you can follow your own path instead of others

Gain a much deeper connection and understanding of your intelligent inner guidance and intuition, the ways it shows up, and how to listen so you can live a Soul led life

Unearth the feeling of Joy that is within you right now - yes it's already there!

Learn how to live life connected to and using to your advantage energy, vibration, frequency, and Soul 

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, and the feeling of being stuck

Master the art of Soul Manifestation, the most supercharged way of manifesting  and living a life of awe and synchronicities

Get  everything you need to start living a magical life led by your Soul



You aren't going to be able to expand by staying in the same frequency


Get the CODES:

During each module of Soul Codes, we will dive into one of six codes during a pre-recorded session, You will be given practices alongside each module to help you integrate and activate and embody the work. 
You are also given exclusive meditations in each module to help activate and integrate further, and to of course use to your heart's desire! 
You can see below how the course looks by module:

Golden Chakra
Module 1 

The truth of who you are - Energy & Spirit

Discover the base of all that you are, frequency & energy, and how frequency impacts the Soul

Golden Chakra
Module 4

Returning back to wholeness

Learn how to heal the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and how to move forward confidently

Golden Chakra
Module 2

Coming into alignment with your Soul

Unearth your uniqueness and tap into your alignment, how it feels and how to know if it's right for you

Golden Chakra
Module 5

Co-creating a life led by Soul using Soul manifestation

Get the codes for Soul manifestation, and how to co-create the life your Soul has in store for you 

Golden Chakra
Module 3

Accessing your true potential & Purpose

Learn so many ways your guidance shows up and how it is always and always has been leading you to your purpose

Golden Chakra
Module 6 

Staying in Soul

We are all human and life gets in the way. Learn how to manage your energy and keep your Soul in the drivers seat

Blazing Eye
6 pre-recorded 45-60 minute sessions and audio only versions
Crystal Ball
Over 30 page practice guidebook to accompany the sessions
Golden Crystals
6 exclusive meditations to guide you through Activations and receiving guidance
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What is included in the course? 

Your Guide throughout


5 years ago I had no idea life could be this way. I had no idea we were actually supported in so many ways. I was simply a victim to life happening to me.

I was so wrong. 

We can do it so differently. And from then on I have made all my decisions and changes, pivots and leaps via what my inner guidance has been telling me vs. my logical mind.

And it has surprised me everyday 

Not only am I doing a career I NEVER saw myself doing, but I have opened up to spiritual gifts I couldn't have even dreamed about ... and none of my life would have opened the way it did if I was just manifesting the traditional way and using a vision board. 


By using the methods I teach in Soul Codes I have allowed my Soul to guide my path every step, and it has only ever driven me closer to my purpose, joy, and authenticity. And then it delivered Soul Codes to me, and here I am now sharing this way of living with you! 


Listen to your body 

Do you feel guided to do this? 

The answer is 
within you


How much time will it take to do it?

The sessions themselves are between 45-60 minutes long, and I 'recommend' allowing 1 week at least to integrate and do the practices before going onto the next module. The practices vary. Meditations are recommended daily which are between 10-20 minutes, and there are many extra practices eg. journaling prompts to do which can vary time wise. I have created this course as more of a way of life vs something to complete

Are there live calls?

At this moment in time this course is completely self-paced and there are no live calls.

When does it start?

It starts as soon as you purchase and press play! This course is self-paced meaning you can start and do it in your own time at your own pace.

Does this cover anything to do with Business?

Not directly no. This isn't a business course. However, everything in Soul Codes is aimed at you following guidance, intuition, your frequency, uniqueness and Soul Manifestation, all of which will hugely help you in a business capacity. If you are looking for business specifically head to Create Academy!

How long do I have to complete the course?

Lifetime access! You truly can take as long as you need and have the option of coming back to it again and again

How do I know if it is right for me?

You will feel it. Your body will feel it. Listen to your body. If you have any questions on the course or for some help with your decision please reach out on my instagram or via email

What do my clients say?
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