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Learn how to manifest the life your  soul came here for 

An online course taking you through all you need to manifest a purposeful life in your highest expression

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Do you feel like you are here for a purpose but you aren't sure what?

Do you feel like 'regular'
manifesting isn't working for you?

Do you feel out of touch with your 
authentic self?

Do you have goals and ideas without the
confidence to go after them?

Do you feel like you can't hear your
 Intuition or  Higher Self?

Are you longing for more in your life?


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Here's the thing:

You aren’t here to feel this way

You get to feel like you are who you came here to be

Living the life you came here to live

Living in your Soul’s purpose, fulfilled, tapped in and manifesting what your Soul desires with ease and grace

You get to feel that way

It is your birthright to feel that way

And your Higher Self, your Guides and the Universe is always, and has always been guiding you to get to this place, even if you don’t feel it right now 

And your Intuition, energy and emotions are the roadmap there …

They are leading you to highest potential and the life you truly want

And Soul Codes is here to teach you how to read and master the roadmap, and start co-creating with your Higher Self and the Universe   ….

Because my love, it is all available to you … 



Your Soul knows exactly what you are meant to be doing 
It's time to 


Why is my Soul Manifestation Method different to normal manifesting?

When we are manifesting with the mind, we are potentially (and a lot of the time) trying to create things or call things into our life that aren’t actually meant for us, they are just what we THINK we want, what society says we should want, or it is somebody else’s Soul alignment.

When we manifest with our Higher Self/Soul in the driving seat however, not only are we so much more supported making it easier to manifest, going to be led to places bigger than we could imagine, but it also means it will actually bring us fulfilment when it arrives



This is a whole new way of  manifesting

Hear all about my Soul Manifestation Method and an introduction into manifesting with Soul in this FREE masterclass below


What can Soul CODES do for you:

Master the art of Soul Manifestation, learn my unique method for the most supercharged way of manifesting and creating a life in your highest potential 

Learn how to tap into your authenticity, alignment and Purpose, so what you want is what will actually fulfil you

Learn how to tap into and understand your intuition and Higher Self so you can unearth your GPS to what it is you want

Master your energy & vibration so you feel better, connect to your intuition easier, as well as become a magnet to the things your Soul desires!

Learn my unique method on moving through limiting beliefs and patterns that may be preventing you from taking action! 

Get  everything you need to start living a magical life led by your Soul ... I call it the art of Soul led living 


Get the CODES:

During each module of Soul Codes, we will dive into one of six codes during a pre-recorded session, and you will be given potent practices in the practice guidebook  to help you integrate and activate and embody the work - this step is key!
You are also given exclusive meditations in each module to help activate and integrate further, and to of course use to your heart's desire! 
You can see below how the course looks by module:


Golden Chakra
Module 1 

The truth of who you are - Energy & Spirit

Discover the base of all that you are, frequency & energy, and how you can start using this to your advantage

Golden Chakra
Module 4

Returning back to wholeness

Learn how to heal the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and how to move forward confidently

Golden Chakra
Module 2

Coming into alignment with your Soul

Unearth your authenticity and tap into your alignment, how it feels and how to know what is right for you and your path

Golden Chakra
Module 5

Co-creating a life led by Soul using Soul manifestation

Now you’ve learnt the components, get the actual codes for Soul manifestation, and how to co-create the life your Soul desires

Golden Chakra
Module 3

Accessing your intuition & inner guidance

Connect to, tap into and understand your intuition, and so many ways it is helping you in your journey

Golden Chakra
Module 6 

Mastering your energy

We are all human and life gets in the way. Learn how to manage your energy and vibration, and keep your Soul in the drivers seat

Blazing Eye
Almost 6 hours of pre-
recorded in-depth video sessions, and audio-only versions too
Crystal Ball
50 page practice guidebook with over 25 practices to accompany the sessions
Golden Crystals
7 meditations to guide you through Activations and receiving guidance
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What is included in the course? 

Your Guide throughout


5 years ago I had no idea life could be this way. I had no idea we were actually supported in so many ways. I was simply a victim to life happening to me.

I was so wrong. 

The life I have co-created now, living in Bali, a beautiful nourishing relationship, a business that nourishes me in every way and doesn’t even feel like work, the most aligned soul mate friends, , abundance to do what i want to do, and so much free time to actually do those things, was exactly that, a co-creation

It was a co-creation of myself, my Higher Self, and the Divine/Universe/Creator.

It wasn’t just me choosing something I wanted and ‘manifesting it’, every step that I have taken to get to where I am today, even the hard things, was led by my Higher Self through my intuition and guidance. This is in my belief why manifesting it all was far easier than if I had just sat down and thought about what I wanted. It was co-creation in the highest form!

Every step I took I could never have thought up with the mind, never imagined or even visualised, if I had worked with regular manifesting alone I would have missed out on SO much!
I am sharing within Soul Codes the exact method I used and still use to constantly be creating what is in my highest truth, purpose, alignment, abundance and joy!

If you say yes to this, I cannot wait for you to experience the magic yourself! 


Listen to your body 

Do you feel guided to do this? 

The answer is 
within you

What do my clients say?