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IEH Intuitive development session

Including Energy Healing and Intuitive Reading

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Remote


This is a 90-minute session in total. It includes a 30-40 minute energy healing and further activation, as well as time to speak on Zoom (or a voice call if preferred). During this time we will dive into your intuitive journey, and working with your healing gifts. The energy healing and activation itself can help with: -Increasing your vibration -Returning to your alignment in life or business -To clear any negative or unconscious energy, or cut unhealthy energetic chords -To release any energetic blocks within the body -To activate your Higher Self/Soul back into your body -To connect you into your Spirit Guides -To activate further your Soul/intuitive gifts -To reboot and rebalance your nervous system -To increase your connection spiritually -To open your body up to abundance or another energy you wish to receive -To activate your body's healing response if you are suffering from any illness or injury -To integrate or ground more into your body We will begin the session on Zoom, where we will dive into how you are getting on with your Intuitive Energy Healer journey, and how you are doing with working on everything in the course, with a real focus on your gifts, and your next steps for expanding these! We will then leave Zoom and begin the 30-40-minute remote energy healing and activation (we can spend longer with this if you would prefer). During the healing, you just need to simply lay down in the comfort of your own home and just receive the healing. For some that is a lot of energetic sensations, for others that may be emotions arising, and for others it is simply falling asleep or into what feels quite a trancy state ... there is no one-size-fits-all experience of the healing ... everybody is different! I will share with you after the healing through voice notes any messages that come through from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides during the healing (this is optional if you would prefer me not to do this please just say), or anything I pick up on energetically or physically, this is also a time you can reflect or share anything you experienced during the healing, and I can help you make sense of anything you aren't sure of! For any questions please email me or send me a DM on Instagram @sarah.louise.sutton or

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