Soul Activation session

One-off 90 minute session created to guide you back to your soul's energy, higher vibration, clarity, and direction

Up-level your energy ...  Up-level your life

Using a mixture of Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading & Channeled Messages from your Spirit Guides and/or Higher Self .... These sessions have been birthed to guide you back into your soul's energy. To help you tap into the higher frequency that is available to you, to help you gain more guidance, understanding, clarity, and direction, as well as receive the benefits of the energy healing itself! These sessions are hugely activating and expanding, and the majority of clients only have the word MAGIC to describe them after!

Would you like to feel:



Connected back to your Soul's energy & frequency

Higher frequency


Clarity and Direction from a particular situation 

Energetically lighter and a feeling of having more energetic space​

Connected to your Spirit Guides and own intuition

Connected back to your deep truth

Calm, grounded and more peaceful



These Soul Activation Sessions are wildly powerful and hugely activating & expanding!!!!! ​

What you can expect 

Increase your Vibration and frequency

Tap back into your soul's energy, your truth and connect back into a bigger purpose

Clear negative or unwanted/unconscious energy from your energy body that may or may not belong to you ... This is great for Empaths!

Receive clarity and direction through the intuitive readings or through your own channel during the healing

Activate and awaken your own channel and intuitive gifts

Release energetic blocks within the body and chakras caused by suppressed emotions or trauma that is resulting in limiting beliefs, physical pain or sickness or continuously repeating the same patterns in your life eg. with relationships

Open your energy field back up and create space to receive

Align or clear your chakras (energetic centres within the body)

Integrate back/ground into your body

What you can expect is always based on your intentions with the session and what it is your higher self needs. This session can be so potent and some of the experiences my clients have received can only be described as pure magic! This session can be and has been for my clients a huge catalyst for your own intuitive or physical healing journey! 


What happens in the session

During the 90 minute session, we will start with a conversation, this is a chance to just speak more about your current situation or intention and for me to tune into your energy field. We will then leave the zoom call and start with a 40-minute remote energy healing (this can be longer if your physical body/energy is your biggest priority).

You can find out more about what to expect during the healing and how it works in the FAQ's below.

Once the healing is over, we will join back to the zoom call, and this is where we will then discuss your experience, and I will share the channeled and intuitive messages and guidance that came through during the healing.

I will also share a card reading with you if I was guided to do this for you.

It is common for these sessions to feel extremely activating and so I would always recommend to allow some time after the sessions for some grounding in nature and space to just process and integrate the session.

Energy directly affects your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your situations, your vibration, your intuition and your reality. It literally is the base of everything!

Frequently asked questions

How does the healing work remotely?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how do the remote healing sessions work when we are not together.
You as the client will receive a healing, in the same way as if we were in a room together - in fact sometimes I feel they are more powerful remote - as you are in your own home, where I would hope you feel more relaxed and open than you would if you had travelled and gone to a practioners home or centre. Our physical bodies are seperated by space and distance, there is no denying that, however energy is not. I can connect to your energy body with any amount of distance between us. Just like if you are on the phone to someone and can feel their energy through the call or on the TV - this is a prime example of how you can connect to someone's energy regardless of distance. It is a powerful process, and if this is your first remote healing or healing altogether, the moment you feel the energy, your relationship with energy and the power of energy will dramatically shift in your life once you experience the session.

How do I know if I want this session or one of your 1:1 programmes?

There is no denying my programmes are the most activating, life changing and transformational ways to work with me. My programmes are made up of either 9-11 x 1hr45 minute sessions which are a mixture of healing, intuitive readings AND coaching. During my programmes I am in constant connection with you, holding the space and on hand to guide and share over the 4 or 5 month period. In my programmes you also receive either 5 or 17 training videos (depending on the programme), along with many many exercises to help you on your journey. During my programmes I am holding the space for you the entire time, guiding you through not only an activation and alignment process, but a deep healing and rebirthing process of your soul and intuitive gifts AND business if you choose the Expand programme. If you are not in a position to enquire into a programme whether commitment or financial wise, these Soul Activation sessions are incredibly activating and expanding, and can really fill you with more clarity, direction and sense of your truth and power. Alternatively, you may feel you are on the right path with everything and feel really solid, but you are just looking for a boost, activation or some expansion to get you out of a temporary rut you feel you are in. This session is also perfect for this. You may feel you just need some new direction, or clarity on a particular situation, again this session is perfect for that too! You will feel what is right for you in this moment whether that is this session or a full programme. It is also common for clients to take this session to start with to get a feel of this work, and then decide to take a programme after. This is also a great option if you are currently not sure!

What can I expect to feel during the energy healing?

To be honest, anything goes! Some clients feel tingles over their body, and feel exactly what area I am working on during the healing. Others can feel very sleepy and feel quite trancy and fall into a deep state of healing. It is common for clients to feel emotions being released. This can be experienced with actual emotions being released, or just the feeling of release in certain areas of the body. Another common thing to experience is the feeling of energy actually leaving your body, making you feel lighter instantly. Quite often clients can experience visions, recieve their own messages and/or guidance during the sessions, as well as feeling more connected to Spirit. You will feel your vibration increase, and a sense of more grounding also. On some occasions, you may feel nothing. This does not mean it isn't working, it is just depends on your sensitively to feel the energy moving in your body. The after effects of the healing will still be the same whether you felt energy moving or not. After the healings, I always recommend to ground in nature or salt baths, and to drink plenty of water to help with the release. It is also common to experience some ups and downs for a few days following the healing, as energy will keep releasing for a few days after the healing. This is normal and nothing to worry about. The majority of clients experience such a shift in vibration immediately after and incredible shifts in their lives because of it - regardless of any emotions being released.

I don't know if this is what I need or I am looking for something slightly different?

Please get in touch! I am so happy to connect via Instagtam (just DM me @sarah.louise.sutton) or on email ....

Have you stopped offering just 60 minute Energy Healings?

So, I have changed how I structure my sessions now. I now offer 60 minute Booster energy healings to those that are current or past clients or have have this Soul Activation already. If you are a past client either from a programme or just a one-off session, get in touch and I will share the link with you to book in for the Booster session!

How does energy healing work?

As the facilator, I have opened up and am able to channel a very high frequency energy into your energy field and energetic body. It works in the same way as Reiki does (which I am trained in FYI), so just as Reiki is a certain frequency that is channeled through the crown and the hands, the frequency I have access to works exactly the same. This frequency alone will of course directly increase your own frequency, it will help to release and bring up and out lower vibrations, and as your own intuition and guidance is frequency based also, it is so common for my clients to feel more connected to their guides and intuition and soul gifts after recieving a healing. In addition to these, the other most common benefits of my energy healings (all facilators are different) would be realigning, opening and clearing your energetic centres in your body (your chakras), huge relaxation and nervous system regulation, releasing and clearing emotions that are stagnant and stuck in your energy body, grounding and centering you back into your body, and finally clearing your energy field from unwanted energy that isn't yours (most empaths struggle with this).

What do my clients say?

Sarah truly has a very special gift. I have struggled with a tightness in my chest for years, I have known that it is an energy block but never been able to shift it. The session with Sarah was incredible. She made me feel very calm and relaxed and half way through this weight on my chest just lifted, I felt it shift. My throat was clear and for the 1st time I could feel it felt free and open. I have a new found energy since the session and I am hugely grateful to Sarah. THANK YOU. 


My session with Sarah was the perfect combination of beautiful, magic and productive. I felt like the session really helped my gifts come online, as well as getting super clear visions and feedback about what to implement in my life to move forward and help things flow easier. Our session was months ago and I am still brining in what we discussed during the session in my daily life to help create more balance day to day. I felt so held before, during and after the session. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift of yours with the world! 


i never expected this would happen but the session helped me release so much My severe physical pain ended up being emotional. It's just amazing how she helped me see that!! So grateful to have such a magical being in my life. highly recommended!! 

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