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"Sarah helps women to connect to their purpose and radically uplevel their vibrations and energetics to create abundant lifestyles and powerful aligned, soul led businesses. Sarah is also a powerful channel for spirit guides and delivers strong energy healing to align you to your highest frequency" - Megan Cooper


Welcome to my world! I'm Sarah, an Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Mentor, and host of The ExpandHer Podcast

Whether it is through my remote energy healings, my channel to their Spirit Guides, my mentorship, or my Reiki and Energy Healing certifications, I help my clients and students to completely transform their inner world, which as we all know is where the shifts on the outside start from.

And, for the entrepreneurs, the business owners or the freelancers, I also have 7 years of previous experience working in business development, brand management, and operations for top fashion brands ... So, in my world, we really do get to work at the cosmic and Soul level, as well as the tangible, grounded and strategy level!

Whether it is something more practical, more strategic, or action-orientated, or something completely energetic, mindset, or frequency based, it would be an honour to support you. 

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