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How to know if you are Ungrounded, and how to Ground your Energy

So this last week, I have been called to share about energetically grounding … it definitely feels like something that we can do more of as a collective and individually.

What I keep feeling is, although it is so important to do our spiritual practices, we are ultimately here to bring the light onto the earth - so if we aren’t grounding and integrating at the same time as doing all the spiritual practices - there is a big piece to the puzzle missing

I am going to share 8 of my favourite practices to get grounded, but first, if you don’t know if you are grounded or not, here are some of the most common signs of being ungrounded:

✨Feeling scattered

✨Being in your head more than your body

✨Unable to focus easily

✨Not present

✨Feeling 'floaty'

✨Day dreaming

✨Feeling Restless

✨Being forgetful

✨Feeling anxious

✨Being clumsy

✨Feeling connected more to Spiritual realms vs being present in your life

It is important to know, feeling ungrounded and having a dysregulated nervous system are VERY closely linked, not mutually exclusive but it is extremely common to feel ungrounded when you have a dysregulated nervous system and vice versa … If you feel it may be more to do with your nervous system, check out episode 54 on my podcast where I speak all about the NS and how to start regulating it! Head to the podcast here

If you can relate to feeling ungrounded with any of or more than one of those signs, here are some of my favourite ways you can ground your energy back down ....

1. Call back your energy into the earth

Take a quiet seat and repeat after me:

'I call back my energy into myself and my body, and I send my energy into my root centre and into the earth'

Visualise at the same time the energy around you and within you going downwards starting from up above you, and going down into the earth, visualise the earth's energy meeting and connecting to your energy at your feet (it is also fun to visualise the earth's energy as roots coming from deep within the earth)

2. Redirect your energy

Take a quiet seat (you can begin with the above exercise or this can be done on its own). Place a hand at or near your root chakra (this is in between your hip space) and place all of your focus and attention on this area.

Imagine all of your energy going towards this space and this space expanding with every breath. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it helps to visualise the energy in this space as the colour red or black

3. Get into your body

This can be done through mindful movement (yoga, dancing, and pilates are great for this), or any movement or practice where you are placing your attention and focus into and onto different parts of your body. Where your attention goes, energy flows ... so focusing on your body, will bring your energy into your body too

4. Get into nature

It may be seem obvious but nature is the most grounding energy that exists.

Get your feet on the earth if at all possible. Spend time with trees, earth and/or rocks

5. Guided meditation

Listen to my grounding and relaxing meditation that is available for free in my free meditation library ... Click here to access

6. Eat hearty whole foods

Food is also a way to ground, not in a volume perspective but in the types of foods you are eating. Healthy whole carbs, earthy and hearty tastes and spices are great for grounding

7. Crystals

If you like or are drawn to crystals ... Black Tourmaline is your new best friend.

Generally speaking, any black or dark red crystals are great for grounding

8. Protect yourself from other's ungrounded energy

In the same way we can sync up with other's nervous systems and energy, the same applies with ungrounded energy. If you are spending lots of time with ungrounded people, or listening to or watching ungrounded content (which is very common in the spiritual space), then you can very easily pick this energy up yourself

Make sure you protect yourself, and also clear your energy if you do take on others' energy! You can use my free clearing and protecting meditation to cleanse your energy (Click here to access) or if you feel like you need more support my Soul Activation Sessions are PERFECT for this too ... more on those below.

Hopefully, these practices bring you grounding and anchoring, as well as increase your vibration. I would love to know if you give any a try, or what your favourite practice is!

If you are struggling to ground yourself, cleanse your energy, or struggling to regulate your Nervous System and would love to receive some support, I offer 45-minute remote energy healings which are incredibly powerful for grounding and regulating (as well as many other energetic shifts such as increasing your vibration and clearing blockages)

Click here to find out more about my 1:1 sessions (or just send me a DM)

Thank you for being here and sending you so much love!

P.s Looking for support on your journey? Here are the ways I could support you right now:


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