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How does the Nervous System affect our Energy & Vibration?

This topic is also covered in episode 54 of my podcast. You can listen here on Spotify or here on iTunes.

It wasn’t that long ago I used to really view the Nervous System and Energy as two completely separate parts of us. It was like one was health-related and one was this magical force all around us, and as a coach and energy healer, both would come up with clients, and I would sometimes feel torn over which had the most impact!

I don’t know exactly when it shifted, it was like the knowledge was dropped into me (which is what downloads from Spirit often feel like), where it was just so clear to me that they are not separate at all, and that the Nervous System isn't just to do with our health, but actually a very impactful and key component when it comes to manifesting, our emotions, our vibration, and even our success.

Before I dive into why they are so impactful on each other (and I received a great analogy I will share), I want to explain more about the nervous system and how it works, we hear the words 'cultivating safety in the body', and 'the Nervous system this' and 'the Nervous System that' a lot nowadays, so I actually want to first dive into what it is and how it works.

The autonomic nervous system is a key system within our body. It is the system that allows us to sense danger, protects us, and gives us extra-human strength and speed if and when we need it. It is also the part of our system that is responsible for the 'stressed' feeling. It’s a very primal system that apparently hasn’t changed through centuries and generations - even though our lives and lifestyle have.

The Nervous System only has two different states. The first you may know as Rest and Digest. This is the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This is when you feel calm, rested, safe, and connected. Your heart rate is normal, your blood flow is normal and you are able to think and act clearly.

The Sympathetic Nervous System is the other leg of the Nervous System which you may recognise as Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn. Fight or Flight is when your body is preparing to essentially fight or run away, your heart rate quickens, your breath shortens and your blood flow and energy goes away from your digestive, immune, and fertility systems and instead into your limbs (as this is far more useful during the time of being 'attacked'). The Fight or Flight can feel very severe, or it can feel very subtle and more of that low-level stress that we are probably all familiar with. The Fawn and Freeze reaction is more the reaction of hiding, this is where we shut down, we disconnect from others as well as ourselves, and we can feel disengaged and separated from others and society. We can easily jump between the two different stress reactions ... depending on the stress itself and timing.

Nowadays, it isn't as much physical stresses that create these reactions in our body, instead it's more emotional.

These reactions were truly marvelous for the times of the Hunter Gathers, where the chance of being chased or needing to put up a fight was far more likely. Nowadays, it isn't as much physical stress that creates these reactions in our bodies, instead, it's more emotional.

The body doesn't actually know the difference between something physically scaring us, or something emotionally hurting us, all it knows is something threatened our perceived sense of safety whether successful or not. And so let's say a tiger jumped out of a bush at you one time, the next time you pass a bush and you hear a little rustle, your body is going to go into Fight or Flight (or fawn or freeze), because your body is trying to protect you, and our body remembers what happened last time.

This is great, and truly so clever, however, now it is more likely to affect you when you receive an email from your Boss and it sounds like he isn't happy with you, so your body goes into that stomach sinking, forgetting to breathe feeling because 5 years ago you got sacked from your job, and this just reminded your body of that memory, and now it thinks you are in danger.

It is clever when you think about it. But also, is very inconvenient when we are going through life in relationships, friendships, family interactions, work interactions, and just about everything we do and feel, which can remind us of something that happened years ago.

And as I said previously, it's not just how we feel that is affected when our Nervous System feels 'triggered' but actually, our health is also compromised. Our immune System, our fertility system, and our Digestive system all take up a lot of energy, so it is only right that energy is taken away from those and into where may need it more, which yes, this means if you are constantly feeling fight or flight, in fear, or the even the low-level stress I mentioned, then those systems in your body will not be as efficient and effective as they should be.

I would also like to mention here that the goal is not to never feel stressed. Our body has been perfectly orchestrated and capable to dip in and out of the response, however, it is the ability to bounce back that is where we can struggle.

If we don't realise our body is under stress, no matter what level (and sometimes this can just be caused by the constant stimulation of our world and phones nowadays) then we aren't coming back to the rest and digest state as quickly as we should (or at all).

So, how does this all tie in with manifesting and energy?

It seems very science-based and it seems very health-orientated right ... I get it, and this is where I felt confused for quite some time, but trust me ... they are SOOO connected.

When our body is in any state other than the Rest and Digest state, it is essentially in the state of fear. And so your body is the house of your energy, and so what vibration do you think your energy becomes if your body is in fear? Yep ... fear!

Our thoughts and mind are also so tightly linked to our Nervous System. If our body is in fear, then the key player of our mind is the primal mind, the part that is just looking to survive

As I was thinking about this and planning my podcast episode on this subject, I had the analogy pop in (Spirit loves to communicate through analogies by the way)! I saw a house, and the bricks that made up this house were moldy, moldy on the outside, and moldy and exposed on the inside, now it doesn't matter how much new furniture you try to put in, or how much air freshener you use, the house is still going to smell, feel and be moldy ... because what makes it is moldy. This is the same for our energy, if our physical being is in the state of fear, it doesn't matter what we do to our energy, our energy will still be that of fear, and maybe only subtly but it will be there, even if it is just noticeable with your thoughts.

Our thoughts and mind are also so tightly linked to our Nervous System. If our body is in fear, then the key player of our mind is the primal mind, the part that is just looking to survive. The logical, objective, emotional or creative side - not so much! Your mind will be looking for things to worry about, to obsess over, to stress over, or plan, so even if you aren't feeling the stress in your body, your mind may be able to tell you what is going on.

Now, if you know about the emotional guidance system which essentially models certain emotions as specific frequencies, then you probably remember that fear is pretty low down the list. And so frequency-wise, if your Nervous System is activated then your frequency is going to be low.

Generally, our frequency is what is dictating so much of what we call into our lives, how connected and clear we can hear our intuition, as well as obviously how good and how connected we actually feel! Our frequency holds a lot of power, and so working on your Nervous System; is not separate to our energy, it is in fact a very very key component.

It is ultimately a sense of safety that regulates the body

So the great news I have to give is most energetic or spiritual practices even, are also mostly incredibly soothing for the Nervous System. And I will highlight some of my favourite practices to regulate yourself in a second, but the key thing to think about is that it is ultimately a sense of safety that regulates the body. You need to feel safe. Safety is the antidote as I like to say. So as long as you are able to remember this, and have awareness of whether you are in a state of stress or dysregulation, or even disconnection (which is sometimes very hard to spot), then you are doing great!

I also want to point out that our body wants to be regulated. Our bodies want to be in a state of harmony and balance and equilibrium. Your body will return there if it is given the environment to do so. Your body is not against you, and it always, always, always wants to return to balance when it can ... you can count on it!

Now, you probably already have some practices that you love, that make you feel safe, and it is important to always remember that we are all unique. Some things that work for others may not work for you, and actually depending on your past may even make you feel worse, and some things that bring you into a sense of safety may be just completely unique to you!

Now, to start with I am going to share some treatments that you can get from others that are known and used for the Nervous System specifically. These are great if you feel like you need extra assistance with dropping into a regulated space, and/or would like to receive the self-care they provide.

  • I am obviously starting with energy healing because ... well it is what I do and I have seen far too many times how powerful my healings are for regulating and shifting a client's Nervous system and energy in one go (and most of my healings are done remotely)! I want to point out that not all energy healers are the same and so I always suggest seeking out recommendations or speaking to the practitioner first to make sure their healings can be soothing and not activating (which some are). If you would like to find out more about my single sessions you can find out more here

  • Cranial Sacral therapy - Oh my gosh one of my favourite treatments to get! These sessions help with structural ailments as well as the Nervous System, and in my experience are so incredibly relaxing and healing

  • Acupuncture - I am also suggesting this as someone who is terrified of needles, but yet WOW, acupuncture is so good for bringing balance back to the body. Make sure you tell the practitioner what you would like to work on as that tends to change what they do

  • EFT - this is one you can do yourself, or you can do with a practitioner, especially at the beginning. EFT or the emotional freedom technique is a tapping motion you do over specific meridian points of the body. This is so powerful for relaxing your body and can also be used for shifting and upgrading belief patterns you may be holding. I have a few friends very experienced with EFT and so if you would like some recommendations please reach out! You can also find many videos on YouTube or Instagram that guide you through the sequence so you can learn at home yourself

Now onto the practices that you can do by yourself!

  • Nature - Nature is truly our biggest healer (and it is free). The frequency and energy of nature has the healing ability to bring our body back into its natural state of harmony and balance. Getting your feet into the earth gets bonus points, as it is now even proven to transmute and regulate the body

  • Meditation - Now, I want to point out that if you are in an extreme triggered response, you may feel meditation is impossible for you, and you aren't wrong. If your body is in a high state of fear, closing your eyes and having nothing to focus on can feel too much. If this is where you feel you are at, then I recommend exploring guided meditations that are created and designed to bring you into a state of relaxation, or created to actually work with the Nervous System (certain frequencies will change the state of your body), or I would recommend doing other practices first to help take the edge off, before sitting down to meditate. I have some FREE meditations available here to download or stream, and one is to help you relax and ground!

  • Self-touch and self-massage - When we have skin contact with ourselves, it sends signals to our brains that we are safe. Whether it is self-massage, giving yourself a hug, or holding a hand on your heart this is a powerful tool to use

  • Walking and calm exercise (bonus points if it's in nature). I also want to add here that most of the time, strenuous activity such as running or HIIT training, or even power yoga can actually create more stress in the body. If your Nervous System is your focus right now, really be mindful of even the type of exercise that you are doing and how it makes you feel after. Sometimes it is better to stick to Yin yoga, or gentle yoga, some pilates, walking, and more calming and mindful movement

  • Magnetism salt or Epsom salt baths - Bonus points for the magnesium as this is a supplement that directly impacts and can affect your system if you are deficient in it

  • Supplements - Like Magnetism as I just mentioned, as well as your B vitamins, are just some of the vitamins and minerals that also affect the function of your Vagus Nerve and your Nervous System if you are lacking the correct amounts

  • Naps and sleep. This is when our body restores itself and is the time when your body naturally switches into healing mode

  • Breathwork - Not all breathwork is regulating, I want to start by saying that. Some breathwork or pranayama is designed to activate your body and create fire within you, so you want to ensure any breathwork you do has the aim and intention of bringing you into a state of deep relaxation and balance. Generally speaking when the practice has longer exhales eg. breathe in for 4 counts and out for 6 counts, this will have a calming effect on the body, whereas if your inhales are longer then generally this would be more activating. When you breathe deeply into your diaphragm there is physical contact between your diaphragm and your vagus nerve which can very quickly send the signal that it is safe to relax, so when in doubt, deep breaths in the stomach will bring a sense of calm and safety into you

  • It may seem obvious but reduce the stimulus from your life where possible. That may be social situations, workload, deadlines, coffee, alcohol, certain TV, foods, and screen time .... plus many many more. We are living in a time of so much stimulation in our lives, sometimes it is no wonder our body's never calm down. Decide where you can reduce the stressors in your life, will help to overall create more balance

  • Add in and make more time for the practices, tools, or people that make you feel good, calm, nourished, and nurtured. This is the energy we need more of in our lives, and hopefully, these words have helped you bring awareness to what is maybe out of balance in your life, and as I say, awareness gives you choices!

You will ultimately know what feels good for you, and now you are aware of what a dysregulated Nervous system feels like hopefully you can take this awareness into your day and start noticing what and who affects you positively or negatively. Your Nervous system is always speaking to you, just like your energy, and what and who affects you and how it affects you will be completely unique to you, and only you know what feels good to you!

I deeply believe that ensuring our body is in a state of safety and not in fear is truly the first step to take before focusing on vibration

It is my intention with these words, that you feel you have more of an understanding of the Nervous System, how it works, why it works, and also how it links to your energy. I deeply believe that ensuring our body is in a state of safety and not in fear is truly the first step to take before focusing on vibration, energy, intuition, or any actions that you want to take. Cultivating a sense of safety has to come first because it quite simply overpowers everything else when it is dysregulated and in a state of fear. I believe this may even be one of the reasons that being attached to something actually pushes things away energetically, and why when we can be truly happy and content exactly where we are (aka regulated nervous systems) that we are super magnetic and able to intentionally manifest what we desire .... but that is maybe something to expand on in another post!

I would adore hearing your takeaways and insights and any comments! And if you would like to find out the ways you can work with me just head here, or follow me on Instagram to stay up to date!

If you would like to get in touch head to my Instagram or email me at, and from the bottom of my heart, I am sending you so much love!


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